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Zoo Life is the ultimate virtual pet game that lets you get in touch with what you really love: animals. Period! In this zoo management game, you’re in charge of raising and managing a menagerie at your little wooden house. Build your own life in this captivating world! The most popular zoo simulation on the market! Zoo Life is a different breed of Animal Park game. A beautifully crafted world, original animal designs, and rich, deep gameplay combine to produce one of the top-rated mobile games ever.

Zoo Life v1.2.0 MOD APK

Start your exotic zoo today! Welcome to the new Zoo Life, the most awesome and fun game for kids. You love animals? You will love this game! As a zookeeper, you’ll be cared for by all your cute animal friends, who have very specific skills. For example, there’s a hippopotamus who loves underwater exploration – it can even go to the bottom of the sea! Once you enter a mission, animals will gather around you so you have a small army of helpers. Do you want to help them solve puzzles? There are various scenarios for levels, each with its own difficulty level! The world has changed, and so must you. Whether working alone, or with friends, use your skills and resources to take up a variety of jobs in order reach the ultimate goal: to make money and save the animals.

All Types of Animals

Zoo Life is a zoo simulation game with an immersive and realistic environment. You will explore different zoos, unlock all different types of animals, collect and breed them, take care of their needs and win the awards! Re-live the fun of visiting the zoo with this game, where you can leave your mark by taking great pictures! Meet the animals you’ve always wanted to see. Explore over 100 lifelike species of Animals in this zoo simulation game! Take care of them and make a difference. Zoo Life is a comprehensive MMORPG game that focuses on the development of your personal zoo. In the game, you can raise and trade with animals in an open-world environment.


Cute and fun pets! The sweetest game to play with your kids. Feel like being a real zoo animal yourself! Or, if you don’t have any kids to play it with, why not getting back in touch with your inner-child? Either way, we hope you enjoy Zoo Life and bring smiles wherever you go! Zoo Life lets you care for an adorable animal and raise a cute pet in the heart of an amazing park. As you stroll through the park, you will feed, play and grow your own cute pet. Make use of various entertaining mini-games and have fun with different animals.

Build a zoo

Experience the life of animals in the zoo. Build a zoo with all the cute animals you want! You can create an environment or just see how it looks like. Each animal can have its own personality, play with water or mud, sleep or even talk and coexist with humans or other animals. The Zoo is your new favorite food experience. It has a range of foods that are prepared by you and your friends as well as some special secret recipes. These include popular food items like burgers, chicken wings and fish rolls.

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