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World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK v1.9.101 + OBB (Unlimited Money/Strength) 2022

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Name World Robot Boxing 2
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Category Action
Version 1.8.101
Size 70M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

World Robot Boxing 2 is the ultimate robot battle where participants can wage the war against millions of robots from all over the world.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: Sports games are among of the most loved games around the globe. Apart from the football game, there’s other sports that belong to the popular sport, like boxing. Boxing is a sport of fighting which is extremely popular with numerous players. It is not just a sport, but in actual fact, it is also a very popular field in all of the world. It’s also a form of martial arts which is extremely well-known in all over the world. There have been numerous games from this type of sport around the world, such as Real Boxing.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: Do you want to experience a new and exciting way of looking in Boxing? If yes, then you should try this game World Robot Boxing 2 (WRB 2) produced by Reliance Big Entertainment. It is the sequel to the renowned game played worldwide Real Steel World Robot Boxing The initial part of the game which is now a hit all over the globe due to the popularity of the initial part was the main reason behind the company to launch part 2 . When you get to the second section of the game encounter many innovative features and more robots, as well as newer combinations …


World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: In the future where humans have stopped being attracted by sports played by played by humans. Today, nearly all sports are performed by robots. Soccer isn’t considered to be a king sport, but rather Robot Boxing, this is the most renowned sport played in the world. There are not only massive public leagues, but there are also fights within the shadows.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK v1.8.101 + OBB (Unlimited Money/Strength)


World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: The gameplay has a similar gameplay to combat games, such as Street Fighter, players will easily get used to, however it can be difficult to master. The only goal for players is which is to eliminate the opponent to be victorious. It is necessary for players to put in long hours in order to to master the various strategies to fight every robot that they encounter in the game.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: To manage the robots, players must use the navigation button located on the left of the screen. There are three buttons on the right-hand edge of the display to ensure that the player is able to defend and attack. A combo of attack is most crucial element to ensure victory If the player is determined to be successful, then the player needs to master the robot’s combo first. Every robot has an individual combo, which means players will need to put in long hours trying to master the entire.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: This will allow players to identify the most crucial times to unlock their abilities and take on the adversary. Every robot has an amount of HP. To win an opponent, the player must create enough damage to reduce the opponents HP down to. When he’s close to take on the opponent the player will then be able to master an ability known as knock-out, in which the player will perform an attack sequence to knock out the opponent dramatically. To use the knock-out method players will need use their fingers to move their fingers over the locations shown by the computer in a specific sequence. After this procedure is completed, it’s time for our robot improve its abilities.


Planty Of Robots

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: In the beginning of the game, the amount of robots has already been aplenty and the game has seen the appearance of famous robots from the film Real Steel. There are also robots that did not appear in the film’s title, however, they are also available for players to select. However, with the second part the number of robots will increase significantly in addition to well-known robots like Atom as well as Zeus. There are also robots which have not been identified by the name of Ikaro, Wraith, Shaoshi…

Championship Champions

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK v1.8.101 + OBB (Unlimited Money/Strength)

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: The goal of every player who is playing this sport is to be crowned the champion trophy at the end of the tournament. The players will have to fight various robots from a variety of nations across the world. You must take down all your foes to get the ultimate victory and make yourself look like a hero.


World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK: World Robot Boxing 2 has an extremely realistic 3D graphics design; the details of the game are also done very well to provide gamers the best experience. The game’s robots are also extremely detailed. quality of execution, down to every little detail including the traces of battle, the specifics of machines…WRB 2 is sure to make gamers a fantastic experience when playing the game. It will transport gamers into the world of amazing and vivid robots.


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