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True Fishing v1.15.1.742 MOD APK + OBB (Money/Unlocked) is the best free Android app game on the planet, where you can experience fishing with exciting and challenging tasks. You will be given the challenge to catch fish and other aquatic animals in the sea by using modern techniques and strategies. It will not be difficult for you to play this game because the game has simple controls, good graphics, excellent sound effects and a good weather system that make you feel like being inside water.


True Fishing v1.15.1.742 MOD APK + OBB

True Fishing is a game application that allows you to catch fish in a relaxing way. The basic goal of this game is to catch all 23 different species of fish at sea and lagoon environment. Take a fish as crazy as you in the biggest and most complete fantasy resort in True Fishing, the most realistic fishing game that reinterprets your favorite sport with an amazing experience that brings you to the beautiful landscapes of Norway, Montana and Florida.

Fishing all over your Might

Doompower Studios brings the latest fishing game for true fishermen. If you love fishing, you will love this game. You can spend a whole day fishing in our realistic lakes and fishing spots in Europe, Australia and America. Choose your favorite fishing spot and try to catch as many fish as you can! Upgrades and new equipment will give you a better chance of catching bigger fish! True Fishing is an authentic fishing simulation, bringing a unique experience to players. With detailed textures, 3D water physics and realistic maps and environments, it will have you hooked in no time.

Modes True Fishing

Mode of the game: friendly and difficulty level. Friendly: Unlimited coins, unlocked all equipment, unlimited energy in slot machines. Difficulty level: you need to earn money and unlock all equipment using a coin, limited energy in slot machines This game is a fishing game where you can play in various modes. The game has various kinds of fish, water and boats, equipment and many other things.


True Fishing is a realistic fishing game that offers players the opportunity to explore the many lakes, rivers and seas across the world in search of what lies beneath the surface. The full version includes three different fishing modes; QuickFish, Normal Fish and Tournament. You can choose from 3 difficulty settings depending on your preference: Easy, Normal or Hard. Explore lush environments depicting real-life locations across 4 different continents – Europe, America, Africa and Australia. Multiple species of fish populate each body of water with over 100 fish species available!

Freestyle Mode True Fishing game

The True Fishing game is a fishing game that has three modes of play, namely the Freestyle Mode, Penn Relay and the Tournament Modes where you can play any of the six fishing locations provided in this game. True Fishing is a virtual fishing game. Yes, you can catch the big fish that you always wanted to catch. Why not play this game with your friends or family? Choose your favorite fishing boat and start catching all kinds of fish for infinite hours of fun! True Fishing offers a variety of stunning places and challenges to test your skills. Whether you are looking for beach fishing, big lake fishing or hunting for prey in the city rivers – True Fishing offers both relaxing fishing experiences and intense battles with monster fish.

Fishing is not just a pastime; it’s a lifestyle. We know it’s not easy to catch that first fish and advance in the game, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. True Fishing is all about patience and strategy as you wait for your line to be struck with a fish that can be anywhere between 1lb and 40+ lb! Watch out for the occasional shark attack or piranha swarm, too!+ Realistic physics & simulation of fishing equipment


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