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Name Terabox: Cloud Storage Space
ID com.dubox.drive
Publisher Flextech Inc.
Category Tools
Version 2.12.5
Size 62M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1 and up+


TeraBox is a free cloud-based system service developed and provided by Flextech Inc. The backup solution has cross-platform compatibility. It is the first service of this type that provides users with 1 Terabyte of storage and can use it for any file.


TeraBox is essentially a cloud-based service similar to dropbox or Google Drive. Customers can also upgrade to the premium subscription to get double the amount of storage space and unlock additional features. A few of them enable automatic backups, full connection speeds, and many other features.

TeraBox has a profit-making model that lets you pay no cost per TB of cloud storage with no ads. You can also enroll in its premium plan with 2TB of storage. Also, there are no advertisements.


TeraBox is a rebranded service previously known as Dubox and currently owned by Flextech Inc.

 Unfortunately, I could not locate the source of FlexTech Inc’s name because Dubox was one of the Chinese businesses; TeraBox is likely identical.

The basis for this free service is because TeraBox takes its customers’ information as ” user material.”

It may contain audio, videos, images files, as well as other documents that users have uploaded onto its servers. TeraBox is able to use it to share files with third-party service providers such as IT and customer service to help users better.


It works because TeraBox will utilize the information stored on its cloud storage platform to share with participating third-party businesses. It is a warning on why you should not initially choose TeraBox, as it’s a huge warning.

While there’s no mention of China in any of Dubox’s prior privacy policies, it stored users’ data on servers in Hong Kong and China.

Those who aren’t aware why you shouldn’t be relying on Chinese servers because data is the name used to store on these servers means that the information is not secured. Privacy policy at present states that the information held in Japan

Furthermore it is believed that Baidu, the Chinese major, Baidu, is involved in Mudbox and, given the fact that TeraBox is the rebranding for Dubox . It is extremely likely Baidu is also interested in TeraBox.

Features of TeraBox

Free cloud drive to the safe backup of your documents:

1024GB of cloud storage that is possible to backup all your documents.

Upload all kinds of papers to TeraBox.

Multiple privacy protections.

 Safely save your files on any device.

It is easy to gain access to the most current and important documents.

Intelligent classified album.

 sharing files privately.

TeraBox cloud drive.

 you can get enormous cloud storage space.

Install TeraBox today to gain 1024GB of cloud space. You can also keep your files in any location.

Automatic backup of files

Cloud storage allows you to back up your files wherever you are.

Multi-device sync

connect files across all your devices from anywhere (available on iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and any well-known web browser).

Intelligent album

Automatically categorizes all photos you upload. It is easy to locate the image you are looking for in the intelligent categorization within the albums.

Find files quicker

Find files quickly by name and classification. Secure file sharing

Secure file sharing

It is possible to share documents by using permissions. (people need the unique code you provide to access the information shared. You can also make your link public so that anyone can access it.)

  Privacy protection

A variety of security features are in place to safeguard your account.TeraBox offers commercial-grade features. Based on the free 1TB storage, premium users can enjoy premium benefits such as 2TB of storage space and high-speed download channel videos that feature 2.0x quality playback capability, auto backup of videos , playback at 1080 px, huge downloads for files and other features.

[Premium Membership Program Description]

The subscription period is One month (continuous month-long purchase), one month (non-consecutive purchases for one month), three months (constant purchase every quarter) twelve months (continuous annually purchased).

Subscription cost: $2.99 /month for consecutive months purchase, $3.99 /month for non-consecutive months purchase $10.99 to buy non-consecutive quarterly assets, $38.99 /year for non-consecutive years of purchase.

Pros and Cons of  TeraBox


      The world’s first cloud storage service with 1TB of storage space


      Virtual box for specific devices


      4GB max upload file size

      The videotape is at 720p resolution.

      Up to 500 files you can store in one file.


Do you think it is safe? Utilize TeraBox?

With TeraBox you are able to store approximately 3,000,000+ images and more than 2500 video file, or 6.5 million documents. We provide secure storage for all your documents and storage to protect your data from being stolen. So it is safe to back up your data, sync it. you can access and share your most important information.

Do you need to be able to trust TeraBox?

A 1TB storage space free for life is an opportunity for everyone. But, your images and videos, along with other files, could contain sensitive information or other items that could compromise your privacy or security should someone access it.

Is TeraBox cloud free of cost?

Offline use with your Android device: Once you have downloaded the files, the file can be used offline and test it any time you want in a non-internet environment.

Is TeraBox a Chinese application?

In 2000, Baidu’s subsidiary Chinese Baidu, the search giant Baidu has launched cloud storage for people who reside overseas.The name refers to an overseas model dubox. Dubox and is referred to as Baidu Online Disk.

What’s the benefit of the TeraBox application?

Teabox is a cloud service that secures the content of all your devices from being unique devices. Instead, Teabox lets you access all your digital content on your phone, computer, or tablet.


After reading our article, you know very well that TeraBox is an application that allows you to create backups of all your files.  You can create backup images, and videos by storing all of this data within the cloud. There is 1TB (1024GB) of storage for free in the cloud. There is also the potential to double the amount if you purchase the Premium subscription.

In addition to the content that you can store in the cloud, you can also create a virtual safe on your device. To gain access to this safe will require a pin you will make when you first open the app. The information you input in the secure space remains in your secure area. You alone (or anyone else with your PIN to) will be able to scrutinize the most sensitive data inside your device. TeraBox is a fantastic cloud storage application that makes sure that you have a complete backup of your data on your Android. Once you have this app installed, it will not be necessary to worry about losing your photo or video again.

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