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Teaching Feeling APK v2.5.2 – (English Version/2022)

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Name Teaching Feeling
Publisher FreakilyCharming
Category NSFW
Category Teaching Feeling APK
Version 2.5.2
Size 305.35mb
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Teaching Feeling APK

Today, Apksmody will introduce to you Teaching Feeling APK, an 18+ game for Android. What do you think about one day, a little girl appeared in front of you and called you master? That is what happened to me. She was crazy about me and didn’t know how to express her love. She did everything I asked for and even more than that. It turned out that she was a student at my school who fell in love with me at first sight. Well, she confessed her feelings to me today and won my heart! Teaching Feeling.1 Teaching Feeling APK is a unique, high quality visual novel for Android that will allow you to control your fate by helping you make decisions on better or worse. Play as the main character and make decisions that will affect how others react to you. It is a game which highlights the teaching-learning process, designed to destroy prejudice, enhance mutual understanding, respect each other and create a good social environment. And it is also a nice model of decision making.


Sylvie is a girl who was rescued when she was a child. Her parents died in an accident and she had no one to rely on, so I decided to take care of her myself. The atmosphere here is comfortable and relaxed, but there are still some things that are not good at all. She feels lonely sometimes and spends most of her time playing with toys or drawing pictures at the balcony. Teaching Feeling Apk.1 After installing the APK and playing for a short time, you will find that this game is a simulation of a teacher’s life in his school. You can help the little girl with her lessons and teach her to speak correctly. Also, by interacting with her frequently, you may even become friends. Through this process, you can act as a substitute for a real master besides teaching her what she needs to learn and leading her to success in life.


Here are all the interesting features of Teaching Feeling Mod Apk given below;

Teach cute girls

Teaching Feeling game is a story of a doctor who lives in a small town and has a great life. But one day something happens to this doctor’s life, he finds another girl in front of his house. It’s Sylvie and she came here to thank you for saving her father. Now you need to take care of her, teach her how to walk and talk, then dress up the cute girl by choosing various types of clothes and accessories. Enjoy this amazing teaching feeling game today!

Take care of her

When you go to teach feeling and look at all the details of Sylvie’s life, you will see that she is not doing well and that she is sad about the tragic past. Her boss harassed her for entertainment and her scars were the result of chemicals being thrown at him. You can help Serene by teaching him how to use some magic or by giving a warm hug. Teaching Feeling Touching and massaging her head will help her feel at ease and make her smile. But if you keep doing it for several days, she’ll feel less insecure and smile as she rubs her head.

Assure a relationship in teaching feeling

Sylvie is a sweet and beautiful girl, her feelings can be easily hurt. To ensure that a healthy relationship exists between you and her, you must pay attention to the intimacy index. This stats bar will appear directly on your home screen. You should satisfy her needs to maintain the level of intimacy at 50. Also increasing the intimacy statistic will help in this relationship in teaching feeling progress faster. Sylvie is a character you will meet in a world full of dangers and opportunities. When you first meet her, she will be suffering from a strange disease. It’s up to you to help her through it so that you can start lasting love. The first 15 days of love are not easy. At this point, do not use the touch button on the screen. Because it will make her feel uncomfortable and think that you are using her body to perform bad behavior. Start slowly, gently, and you’ll see results quickly.

Final words

Teaching feeling game is an excellent game for children. With the app you have a new way of learning English. It teaches you the language while playing and entertaining yourself. You can learn easily through a variety of topics and games, so that it is fun and healthy to study. In order to save time and effort with her baby, Sylvie is also available in many languages ​​for children.

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