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Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK v1.22.0 (MENU/Show) Download 2022

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Name Suspect Mystery Mansion
Category Action
Version 1.10.1
Size 140MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK: If you love suspects love games such as werewolf games, or even like being a detective and exploring murder cases, then Suspects: Mystery Mansion is the best alternative.

Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK v1.3.1 (MENU/Show) Download 2021

The game gives you the enjoyable experience of changing to a detective and is tasked with investigating a murder case at a home where everyone can be a defendant. You have to use your head and reasoning to get the killer and prevent harming the innocent.


Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK: As the option of many folks looking for entertainment as well as entertainment moments with friends and family members, the game can also be for everybody with all kinds of personalities, you can show your forte in this sport, and it’ll become your power to assist you and the rest of the team characters win.

You’re an animator, you are reasoning, or you like to lead individuals, perhaps you’re a quiet person who likes to listen, and perhaps someone with an unbelievable IQ and logical thinking. What sort of person you could be is an essential bit of the game and conveys in one of the important task of finding the killer from the case and kicking it from the mansion. It is possible to opt to doubt or trust every other, but remember, in this situation, anyone could be a suspect.


Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK: The game with a 9-player multiplayer mode will increase the game’s attractiveness, which is the perfect selection that you experience with relatives or friends. When we doubt one another and endlessly forgettable disagreements, very clever speculations, or even unnecessary errors, it becomes interesting if we have a joyful spirit in the end no matter how the outcome is. And we are all playing the motto, triumph without arrogance, shed, not discouraged.

After identification and suspicion, you will need to make your choice by voting who will be out of the home, be it somebody you know or a individual with your decision making. Other players simply need you to guess them. But be careful also, because taking an innocent individual increases the chances that the killer will win because their mission here is to kill or be killed.


Suspects: Mystery Mansion is now accessible on Android and iOS platforms, which makes it possible for users to play with anywhere, just online. The game is available in English in 15 languages ​​using different versions so you can socialize with players around the globe. The game will be much more enjoyable when you can interact with many other men and women.

Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK v1.3.1 (MENU/Show) Download 2021

Stunning cartoon graphics, meticulous detail, and adorable cartoon animal characters won’t cause you to take your eyes off the display with these adorable horror pictures. Entertaining and relaxing sounds. You may choose to play with anybody anywhere; you can turn on the voice bar and begin discussing with the participant concerning this evil hunt.


Although there is a tiny cost to buy the game, it’s actually very economical to have a great experience like Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Doubting each other is an excellent game whenever you are vague about everything and unsure who the sole target is. Everything is dependent on your senses, people’s arguments, and your deduction. This match is continuously developing the game’s interface, features, and assignment, so as to bring you the most pleasurable experience.

Suspect Mystery Mansion Mod APK v1.3.1 (MENU/Show) Download 2021

It is especially highly appreciated on sport forums because of its attractiveness, ease of play, amazing graphics, nutritional content for kids aged seven and up. The game is rated 4.6 stars onto a 5-star scale can also know how attractive and appealing this match is. Are you prepared to be a detective? Suspicious rooms, suspicious marks, funny words, what’s suspicious, and you must quickly find the killer to win.

Otherwise, they will win, and others invite even you to be murdered by them. Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy this thrilling game right away, and it will definitely be a fierce and fun battle together.


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