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Name Step Counter Apps
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Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Step Counter Apps: Now a days in busy life we don’t have time to go out and exercise, we are too much busy in routine life that we have to spare time for our own body. At least we have to walk regularly to make our body fit, smart and healthy. Otherwise many health disasters occur with body, most of peoples are recommended by doctors for their daily exercise or walks. Same peoples have hobbies like hiking tracks and walking.Step Counter Apps For Android And IOS Download 2021 Same as some patients have to walk recommended calculated distance. So step counter apps are very helpful for you walk, by using these apps you can improve your walks. Their features are very helpful for users because these apps can calculate distance, floors you climbed up which is really helpful. Additionally create a weekly, monthly and annual summery of you walks, you can easily understand it because it create graphs. By help of graphs you can understand all of you past walk activities.

Step Counter Apps

Step Counter Apps For Android And IOS Download 2021 Same as you can see you past history on it. These apps gave us facility to calculate our walks and we can maintain our body according to requirements, unlike in past it was not much easy to calculate our walk distance. You just need a smartphone and install on of step counter app, most amazingly you don’t need to get it commands or queries it will work its own, at the end of day you just need to check out your steps and floors you climbed up, it is very easy to use and convenient while using it. Step Counter Apps For Android And IOS Download 2021


Some peoples need to walk according to recommendations by doctor or they set goals of walk they need to do. Same as if your hobby is hiking/ walking this application is really very helpful for you. You can set goals and compare it with past to improve you performance. It also keeps record of calories if you are walking according to recommendations, it will be helpful in making you smart and healthy. This wonderful application is commonly available its users careless you are an android user or iPhone user. It is easily available for free. As mentioned from its name it is accurate in counting steps during walk, this application will provide a good health assistance.


This is amazing application for your assistance, it is helpful in improving your body health and fitness. You can see report at the end of day about your activity and compare it with you history. In this way this application will provide opportunity to improve you walks. It will count time and steps as well as maintains past records, additionally it works like stop watch on your smart phone. You can install this application careless of you are android user or IOS user, because it is available in both formats. You will have a wonderful experience of using this application on your cell phone.

Step up

This is very exciting application with amazing interface, you will not feel irritated while using it. It is very helpful in counting steps and amazingly it is very accurate, additionally it keeps account of calories burnt. This is helpful in achieving your goals and make your performance better by comparing daily goals. There is no ambiguity on its interface which makes it very easy to use. It also guides you according to your goals. If you are a smart phone user you don’t need to worry because this application is available for android and IOS users. Easily available application, you can get advantage of it features for free. It provides your assistance to improve health and fitness. You should experience this app.


This application is very helpful for your assistance, your plan for weight loss, fitness and health care come to existence by using this app. It will also help you to guide according to your goals, it count steps accurately and provide you report about your goals and blood pressure. This is commonly available application. Download this app on your smart phone careless of you are android user or iPhone user. It is very helpful to improve your health and fitness. You will enjoy amazing features of this application. Download app on your smart phone for a better experience.


One of best step counter application and very famous application, it is very accurate in counting you steps. It is personal assistant for fitness guide and helpful for improving your health. This application is easily available to users android as well as iPhone users. You can see past goals in history, it also gives summery weekly and monthly. Download this wonderful application on your smartphone it works without commands. You just have to check data about whole day activities, you can achieve you unique fitness plans, helpful in making your body healthy and smarter. Download this application to enjoy exciting features.

Walk meter

This is very popular pedometer application, if your hobby is hiking, cycling or walking you can get advantage of this app. Because it takes account of you all data including rides, set your personal health plans to improve your fitness and make yourself smarter, by using it your plans can come into existence. It will help to increase your performance. Very common among users and you can find it easily, IOS and android users both can enjoy it amazing features. Download it on your smart phone it will provide you amazing features fruitful for your health. This is one of most accurate application, gives results accurately. In this way you receive accurate data, you must download this amazing application.


This is a very perfect application you need for your assistance. This is a famous app download it on your smart phone get advantage from it features, available for both formats IOS and android. It takes account of calories and steps in you walks. Also it counts time of walk, you can improve your health, achieve your fitness goals using this application. Additionally you will be convenient with its user interface, because it provides very convenient environment, it is very easy to use. Watch history and compere you performance, it will be helpful. You must experience features of this application. Step Counter Apps For Android And IOS Download 2021

Steps App

Steps App is very famous counter app, most amazing thing is that it is very accurate in counting steps and provides you accurate data. It records steps and keep account about time of walk which is helpful for you to improve you performance. It is your coach to improve your health and make yourself smarter. It give you information about calories, how much calories are burnt during walk. This continuously improves on your health. You are provided with summaries at the end. This app is available for both android and IOS users. If you are fond of hiking, tracking and walking then this app is your best companion. You must download this application and enjoy amazing features.

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