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Speedtest by Ookla is an app that measures your internet speed in real time and compares it to other users in your area. Speedtest is available on iOS, Android, and the web. It can also be used as a tool for measuring download speeds on mobile devices and laptops. In addition to providing you with a speedtest result, Speedtest also offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you choose what kind of test you’d like to perform: download test or upload test (in which case you’ll get a measure of your upload speed). You can also select from different servers around the world.

Speedtest by Ookla v4.8.0 MOD APK

Privacy is always a concern when it comes to internet speed tests, and we want to take this opportunity to address it directly.We use the same technology as many others in order to provide you with an accurate measurement of your internet connection. However, we don’t use your IP address, which means we aren’t able to link any information about you back to you personally.In addition, we store no personal data on our servers, so there’s no way for us or anyone else to associate or link any specific test results with you or your device.We know that you care about your privacy, so we’ve made sure to take extra precautions to make sure that none of our users’ data is shared with anyone else.

Speedtest by Ookla v4.8.0 MOD APK

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We understand that [company name] is a private company, and we are not trying to infringe on yourWe know that you care about your privacy, so we’ve made sure to take extra precautions to make sure Speedtest provides its users with a lot of information about their internet connection: it shows them how much data they’re using each month, how much data has been consumed during the last hour, how long it takes them to download a large file (like an HD movie), and other statistics that are useful for determining whether or not their connection is fast enough for streaming videos at high quality levels without interruption or buffering issues.

Measurement history of your performance

This is a speedtest app for the Ookla network. It’s basically like speedtest.net, except for your phone. If you’ve ever tried to test your internet connection using the official app, or if you need to test your internet connection with a different provider, this is the app for you. You can get great speeds without having to leave home or even sign up for an account.Speedtest is a speed test tool for mobile devices. It allows you to test your internet connection speed and check if there are any delays in your network.We have a new version of the app! This version has been optimized for use on Android TV.We’re really excited to announce that we’ve released our first premium version of the app. It has all the features you love, plus some new ones:-Faster download speeds for more reliable streaming-New privacy controls for better protection against ISP throttling-Enhanced parental controls, so you can manage your child’s usage even when they’re not using the app


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