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Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK v24.0.0 (Unlimited Live/Boosters) 2022

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Name Solitaire Story - Ava's Manor
ID com.uken.solitaire.story
Publisher Uken Games
Category Card
Version 24.0.0
Size 148M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: You’ll be relaxed playing Solitaire Story Ava’s Manor with a variety of attractive elements like playing cards cleaning, romance and so on. Make your home more beautiful or meet the handsome player. This will give you plenty of pleasure through a beautiful Solitaire Tripeaks card game. Don’t put off playing and don’t be afraid to be lost in the magnificent castle that is waiting for you to explore a variety of new things!


Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: When the game begins, game, players will feel shocked to be being placed in front of them in a massive complex, treacherous structure. Your character is a young girl that is attempting to discover the secrets that lie within this castle. As you enter the building frame you’ll be faced with the task of playing as a trio. once you’ve completed the game, you’ll be awarded.

Solitaire Story - Ava's Manor MOD APK v24.0.0 (Unlimited Live/Boosters) 2021

Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: The reward is which will unlock spaces and furniture pieces to arrange. You must organize the space neatly and in accordance with your personal style. Every piece of furniture can be yours Click on the furniture that is displayed beneath the screen. Move them to the correct location, and you’ll have a larger room.

Customize everything in the room to make it beautiful

Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: It is possible to change everything within Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor completely new by one tap on the screen. Remodel the rooms of the house by changing paint colors, the style for the staircase, and even the position of the picture. Every object is made with a variety of styles and colors that you can pick from, whether you prefer the classic or modern look. The more stunning you remodel the room the more gold stars you’ll earn and will enable you to access higher-end and more expensive furniture.


Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: There are other issues to consider when you are redecorating the areas that reflect the look of your dog’s appearance. The floor will be stained and require you to remove it completely. You also need to deal with catastrophes like broken fish tanks and flooding of the room. Clean immediately to keep the area tidy. You can also take on new tasks like examining the mysteries surrounding the fireplace or following bizarre footprints that appear within the library. Your primary task is still playing cards, and there are rooms available which you could decorate.


Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: While playing you’ll learn secrets within every room in your home. But, in order to unlock rooms, you will need to complete diverse levels within Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor. This requires players to master the ability to play quickly they are able to beat. Additionally, you could go for a stroll with your loved one in the park. A romantic setting to enjoy, surely? You can also talk with your boss as an acquaintance.

Solitaire Story - Ava's Manor MOD APK v24.0.0 (Unlimited Live/Boosters) 2021

Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor MOD APK: Solitaire Story Solitaire Story Ava’s Manor takes players through numerous thrilling experiences such as playing cards and cleaning the home. When you dive deeper and further into brand new rooms in your home, you’ll uncover other thrilling stories. With games that feature stunning graphics and a variety of gorgeous furniture pieces the players will be delighted when they begin refreshing all the furniture in their huge home.


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