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Name Shadowgun Legends
ID com.madfingergames.legends
Category Action
Version 1.1.3
Size 1GB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: MADFINGER Games gifts to players a new super merchandise — SHADOWGUN LEGENDS — FPS and PvP Multiplayer, a game in the action game series. Stepping into the game, you’ll be immersed in the mystical world.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK v1.1.0 (God Mode) Download 2021

where people do not belong, a new universe — occupied by a string of aliens. Unfortunately, that sci-fi universe is being attacked by them with wicked intentions. Thus, when engaging in the game, players have been transformed into one of the final heroes fighting to safeguard this world.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: The game provides players with a huge weapon system. SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is regarded as a generous game with the amount of weapons around 700. Some weapons to mention are pistols, rifles, sniper rifles,… Each weapon will have its particular purposes, suitable for every different enemy thing. Therefore, players need to select the right gun, strategy, and assault the aliens.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: Enemies die, the ongoing melee stops, and the player gains extra loot from them. Not quitting, the amount of built in game armor pieces is more than 1000 pieces; you will use paint skins, boxes, stickers… to design to a single armor set. That armor protects you from enemy bullets and shows the unique character style of this player.


Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is a famous online game with a first-person perspective that brings the most real experience to gamers. The participant is a rookie at the Shadowguns defense line; they’re all legendary warriors to humankind. The participant’s task is to destroy aliens through countless missions the game has provided on 3 different planets. With such a large number of missions, it is going to assist players fulfill their fighting ambitions, the harder it is to perform .

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK v1.1.3 (God Mode) Download 2021

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: Not stopping there, the higher their strength and combat energy, the tougher they are. This is the ideal time to utilize the loot you have obtained from previous victories to hoard. Therefore, please make the most of focus highly to have the ability to achieve high results right in the first game display.


Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: The player is a promising youthful new warrior. You possess extraordinary powers, but maybe in a tough struggle with such a noble mission for humanity, you’ll need assistance from your teammates. With this selection of style, you not only get help and support due to the participation of a number of other players on earth, but with each distinct warrior, they constantly have different tactics, abilities, and battle experience.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: Thanks to this, you can see and learn from your friends interesting and interesting things about them, making it your own. All missions in the game allow players to use Co-op mode; let’s make a mythical action squad of history right away.


Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: Not only support, but players can also challenge many other players on different big and small missions. When hard, there are lots of options; it can be a 1-on-1 battle or between groups playing against each other. The number of team members is around 4 individuals. This is your opportunity to show your limitless power. The favorable period has come; let us put your title in the rankings, become a star from the Shadowgun universe.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK v1.1.3 (God Mode) Download 2021

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: With extreme shooting conflicts, players have felt stressed with noble actions; SHADOWGUN LEGENDS provides players an entertainment screen; this is definitely the most extraordinary quality of the game in comparison to other games of the same genre. Players invite their friends to the areas around Shadowgun, participate in bustling parties, lavish bars, unwind together, immerse in enthusiastic glasses of wine,…

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK: Good news for players of SHADOWGUN LEGENDS: There is going to be a major storm coming, the game designs and provides 6 legendary weapons with divine functions and some new makeup, containers;… Added to the Fame system 9 fresh, more difficult missions, including one that’s been shown as a mission against time from the Module. All can make the players can’t help admiring and waiting.


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