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Unlimited Wood) – Cats game for free! Discover the exciting world of cats, meet many different species of cats and become friends with them! Your cat will love this game like it’s real.Play through the Secret Cat Forest to collect cat and give them new abilities. How far can you go.


Journey With Other Cats

Discover an intimate journey in the forest with other cats. Glide through the trees, jump over obstacles, and avoid dangerous creatures to become the best explorer.

Hidden in the forest, this island holds other cute cats! In this fantasy game, you will be playing a cat. The goal is to find a way out of the forest by making careful use of your cat’s seven senses. With fantastic sound effects and graphics, it’s sure to mesmerize you!

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Cats House With Beautifull Designs

In this mysterious forest, you will meet strange animals, collect food and find rooms. Go to the beach, walk on the ice or investigate caves. Walk with your cats or have fun in a huge playground!nHidden objects game. The goal is to find all the hidden items in this forest by whiskers, and then save your cat tribe. You have to collect points by solving puzzles and finding rewards. The journey will be very challenging but amazing!

Natural Matirial For Crafting Things

Secret Cat Forest is a survival game with match 3 puzzle mechanics, which allows you to collect resources and make all kinds of equipment. You’ll start at the forest in the middle of a desert. The goal of this game is to survive and spread itself everywhere around the world by using Darkness’ power. Climbing trees, collecting wood and building cabins are your main skills, which will be needed in order to survive when it gets dark in the night.

Unlimited Wood for Cats Homes

Secret Cat Forest apk Mod Unlimited Wood. Download Secret Cat Forest Mod, Unlimited Wood. Need unlimited wood to craft all the necessary items that you need for your journey? Play this amazing game and use your imagination to build a secret cat forest where cats can live, explore other worlds and meet other creatures throughout the worlds.Hidden in the Green Forest, a Secret Cat Forest is waiting for you! Our charming and mysterious forest has unique secrets to discover, like rare materials you can use to craft items.This is a game that you can use natural materials to make things. You can also create furniture and decorate your house!


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