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RTS Siege Up! v1.1.106r4 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) is an Android Game by supertruvl. Get RTS Siege Up! v1.1.106r4 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) free full version download on Google Play Store and enjoy unlimited resources, new unique units and amazing powers! RTS Siege Up! is one of the best strategy games on Google Play for Android phones, tablets and other smart devices. Siege Up! is the hit mobile RTS game where you lead a team of Siege Dwarves to fight against rival commanders and their armies.

RTS Siege Up! v1.1.106r4 MOD APK

Build powerful siege camps, train your troops and make use of different units including Siege Dragons and Siege Golems!Siege Up! is a free-to-play real-time strategy game, which lets you build your town and train troops. Your goal is to conquer enemy castles and defeat the King’s army. Citadel from the Influence: Test is a tactical action game with multiple turn-based combat scenarios, unlimited character options and big name voice acting. Vikings expand their territory and continue to pillage villages. Use the resources you collect from raids to make siege weapons, upgrade your barracks and recruit more Viking warriors.

Citadel from the Influence Test

Citadel from the Influence Test is a tower defense game with unique mechanics and gameplay that are unlike anything you’ve seen before. The closed beta is now live and players can access it for free to experience the game for themselves. Citadel From The Influence Test lets you build your own city with structures, structures, vehicles and weapons. Citadel from the Influence Test is a new version of an old game that was originally made by New World Computing, Inc. This is a strategy game first released in 1999, which has undergone several upgrades and iterations over the years since.

Main Points

  • RTS Siege Up! is a strategic game with pixel graphics that supports both Android and iOS. The game is about developing a powerful base, and getting resources from different sources. Build walls and turrets to protect your base, or attack enemy bases to cause disorder.
  • It’s a strategy game that helps you train your mind and play the game. RTS Siege Up! is one of the most addictive and compelling RTS games out there.
  • It features a powerful and detailed real-time resource management system that allows players to create their own customized base, 3D buildings, units, weapons and other buildings.
  • With over 200 different units & buildings accessible to unleash devastating attacks within seconds, experience the thrill of commanding your beautiful army from hundreds of possible battle options in a wide variety of scenarios. In this game, you can interact with your allies as well as your enemies in a friendly way or be aggressive towards them.
  • There are no limitations on available resources except Gold – which cannot be consumed in this game. You can also spend gold in order to buy buildings and units after winning battles successfully.”
  • Siege Wars is a multiplayer tank game with unlimited upgrades, more than 100 different battles and 5 different locations. Build your tank, collect valuable resources and unlock powerful new units.
  • One of the biggest trends in video games has been the increase in modding, allowing players to add their own custom rules and settings to their games. However, some games have taken this a bit too far and have created a mod that can convert them into something completely different from their normal counterpart.


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