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 Royal Adventure v1.0.9 MOD APK! This is a role-playing game, where you have to take care of a prince who is training for battle. Start with cleaning and cooking, then go on quests and gather materials for your city. With this mod, you can get unlimited resources & energy.Royal Adventure is a very interesting premium strategy game. You will be in the role of a king and face off against your opponents in various battles. You can use various magical spells, which are used to destroy or protect your castle. This premium game has wonderful graphics, so that you do not get bored with this game.

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    Royal Adventure v1.0.9 MOD APK

    Royal Adventures is a fun, adventure game that you can play with your friends.You are the prince of this kingdom and your job is to make sure that your people are happy. Build houses, gardens, and castles for them to live and thrive in. In this game, you need to run and jump over various obstacles, avoid the obstacles above and below, collect diamonds as many as possible. The game has a variety of gameplay elements such as jumping and running. this game is an idle adventure game. Explore the world and collect various types of heroes. With their help, you can defeat the monsters that occupy your territory. Fight enemies with friends (real or AI) to compete for glory and honor! Enemies can be killed by tapping on them, but do not make mistakes or enemies will kill you too!

    How to play and win

    Stuck on your favorite adventure? Get all the strategy and tips you need, without spoiling the fun. Best of all, we’ll show you how to play, win and get a special ending for each level. In this game you become a real explorer and traveler. Your mission is to collect as many coins on your way and reach the end of the level. Wait, not everything is so simple in this game – you will meet many obstacles that will slow down or kill you, but be courageous and try to overcome what is impossible for others. Try breaking through all the labyrinths that are protecting treasures on the way to your goal. You will have one life only, so be careful!

    Features of the game

    Some of the features of this game include: beautiful levels, a complete single-player level and online multiplayer mode which allows you to compete against other players, different worlds in the game, a lot of bosses and enemies, new items have been added to improve the player experience.The game features many bright and original worlds with different graphics and locations. Also the game is filled with all sorts of monsters, traps and secrets aside from the main storyline. The gameplay is addictive, it will not let you fall asleep in one second while playing.

    Fight to be the strongest in this epic world! Many enemies will stand in your way as you try to improve your levels and attack. Be careful as you may encounter a new boss in every level, they are tough with their own special attacks. Choose your class wisely, if one of your heroes dies its game over!

    A game that combines the powerful and brave heroes in an epic battle to build up a strong army and conquer the empire. The game is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Russian and many more languages.

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