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Rescue Dash is a game that puts you in the shoes of the hero, whose objective is to save as many people as possible during the time you have. By doing so, you must collect coins and unlock new missions. The goal of the game is simple – rescue as many victims as possible and try to get them to safety before running out of time. Rescue Dash v2.20.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a 2D, multi-platform arcade game where you have to guide a cute protagonist through a maze of obstacles, picking up gold coins and avoiding dangerous traps. The goal is simple: find the exit door, then survive your way through the escape alive!

Rescue Dash v2.20.1 MOD APK

Rescue Dash 2 is the best game for the new season of 2019. It is a rescue game that has been developed by an app developer called Ditto Studio. Is your phone running slow and want to upgrade it? Then this app is for you. It can help you check useful information about phone performance, battery life, RAM, CPU. It removes downgrades from most apps on your phone. This app is safe to use.

Perfect roles for Helping others

The Rescue Dash 2! An app for helping others! You are on the road, running an ambulance. They need help urgently, you come to collect them quickly and without any further delay. Just follow the instructions and complete the puzzle with your own hands as fast as possible. You can play three levels at once, and they always change so they are always exciting! In this game you need to activate all three levels and finish them as quickly as possible – you only get enough time. Your goal is to wait until the ambulance arrives, then drive right outside it and take all the patients off in your car directly! Be the hero of rescue missions with Rescue Dash! Open boxes full of items, grab free diamonds and use your weapon to fend off the baddies. And thus is the Power of a hero! Rescue Dash v2.20.1 MOD APK Free Download you can use it to control speeding bullets, fight brutal creatures and even use your phone to stop yourself!

Save Peoples From Risks

The best game of 2017 that puts you in the shoes of a modern day hero. Save Peoples From Risks and become a hero who travels across the world to save peoples, who are considered as lost and trapped in a dangerous jungle where they are in risk of being attacked by wild animals. Your mission is to rescue as many people as possible before time runs out. In Rescue Dash, you will meet different characters and talk to them while traveling through the jungle collecting different vehicle parts to build your very own vehicles that will help you to rescue those people trapped from all over the world. Once you have upgraded your vehicles with all the necessary equipment, you can use these vehicles to navigate through dangerous areas, collect golden coins and rescue more unfortunate people.

Task cover Completely

Save people from the risk of getting lost in here. It is fun and easy game to play! Rescue the people who are stuck in unknown places. Dive into the adventure and journey around the worlds. Challenge your agility, improve your reflexes and experience an adventurous real time 3D world! If there’s one thing that can keep us all safe, it’s a personal emergency responder who knows how to handle life-and-death situations. Rescue Dash lets you take on the role of a medic and rescue people in the most dangerous places: on rooftops, in earthquakes, in tornadoes and more!

Rescue Dash 2 is a very interesting game that allows you to save as many people as possible from an unforeseen danger. The main idea behind this mission is to succeed in every level by finding a safe way for the people to escape. You can use all sorts of different devices to solve puzzles and challenges, but be careful not to jump into water as it will cost you both time and money. It’s up to your own skills whether you’ll get more experience points and unlock new gameplay levels higher up in the s


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