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QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is the best text editor for Android. It has been developed to make your life easier. It allows you to edit text in a more efficient way than any other editor.QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.9.6 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) is a powerful and easy-to-use text editor with many features that will help you create, edit or manage your documents in an intuitive way.You can use it for editing and composing emails, messages and other types of texts; managing contacts; creating spreadsheets; preparing presentations;

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.9.6 APK

creating reports and many other tasks like this.It’s a text editor for Android, with a clean and simple user interface. You can use it to create simple or complex documents, or open files from your phone’s storage or SD card. It has a built-in search function, so you can find specific text easily.The app is free, but if you want to unlock the full version and remove ads, you’ll need to buy Pro Unlocked version of the program.Pro version of the popular text editor.-Spellchecker, auto-hyphenation and more-Inline image editing with Adobe Photoshop plugin-Customize your shortcuts with a quick setup wizardThis is the Pro version of what I think might be the best text editor on the market.

 QuickEdit Text Editor Pro

Super Easy and Cool

It’s been around for a while, but it’s still one of my favorites. It has some cool features that make it super easy to use. You can just open a document and start typing, and it will auto-format your text as you go. When you’re done with your writing, you can save it in different formats (e.g., PDF) or export it as an image file.The editing tools are also very nice—you can add images, insert links or tables into your documents, and do other things like that. The interface is intuitive enough that even if you’ve never used Microsoft Word before (like me), this app makes editing documents super easy!The [QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.9.6 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)] is a text editor application that allows you to write, edit and format your text in a fast and easy way.

with many tools

The application comes with many tools which help you to create, edit, format and save your documents in just few seconds. This is a simple, fast and easy-to-use text editor. The Pro version includes more than 15 unique features:  Add unlimited number of lines and paragraphs with convenient line and paragraph count controls or double tap on the screen for quick editing;  Add unlimited number of tags with convenient tag list control or double tap on the screen for quick editing;  Add unlimited number of formatting styles;

Formating styles

* Protect your content by adding password protection to individual files or folders;

* Create beautiful formatted documents with rich typography, themes, colors and more;

* Save and export your documents as PDFs and Microsoft Word documents;

* Create email messages from within the app using templates.

It’s a text editor for Android with a simple, uncomplicated interface.

It has some great features like cut, copy, paste and undo.

It also has a few extra features that you might find useful such as search and replace.

Smart, fast, and powerful text editor.

– Save every word in your text files, even if you don’t save them all at once.

– Search through your text files, even if they’re not sorted alphabetically.

– Sort your text files by date or by author.

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