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Prey Day: Survive v15.3.07 MOD APK + OBB (Immortality)

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Name Prey Day: Survive
Category Action
Category Adventure
Version 14.4.04
Size 490MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: This is only one of the most obvious mottos in the past couple of years. From the circumstance of zombies, people must optimize their potential to survive. More and more games are being released based on this genre. Really it still brings delight to many generations of players. Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse provides players a memorable experience in this informative world.

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK v14.0.17 + OBB (Freeze Enemy) Download 2021

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: This topic is overly recognizable to all players right now. The moment people undermine character, they’ll pay the price. People around the world will die from a mysterious and incurable disease. It’s a powerful virus that spreads at a high-speed pace. Humans immediately died and were permanent.

They must fight for their lives. When the world falls into this type of terrible difficulty, human character will manifest correctly. Fight for yourself, struggle for loved ones about, and also the long run. In the middle of such a ferocious world, can you survive a couple of days?


Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: Although the whole world was affected by that terrible virus, a few humans still survived. First, be certain that they’re the luckiest individuals who can still keep their lifestyles. But later, once the world circuit becomes ferocious, only strong and gifted men and women may survive. You will play as among the world’s best people, fighting with the increasingly powerful Zombies thanks to this genetic mutation of the virus.

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: This battle does not know where to go, initially, you need to build strong structures to conceal. This world does not need everyone to save you anymore; only you are able to save yourself. In addition to problems with lodging and food, players in the sport must also find ways to exploit the information that they find. Must find out why the planet is indeed shallow.

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK v14.4.04 + OBB (Freeze Enemy) Download 2021

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: In a world where power dominates the circumstance, players should find a way to make themselves more powerful and stronger. Prey Day offers players a lot of different firearms. When you first step to the sport, there will not be any weapons to battle. Players will only own a couple of hands only. At this point which you need to face a Zombie, it will certainly be killed. Simply saying that nothing will come out. Because players will receive the initial actions to integrate into this world gradually.

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: The first simple weapons will be supplied to the participant. For instance, the game will provide you a pickaxe used to attack weak zombies or use some minerals. Afterwards, it would be best if you’d more useful weapons, firearms, grenades, automobiles,… These things you need to end up. Or you can purchase it from the shop if you can make enough cash. Even though this is a post-apocalyptic world where items become scarce, several stores can provide you with all the most advanced weapons in the world. Only game, a little neater, is nice.


Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: Previous games didn’t have this Survival mechanism. Recently it was contained in virtually all games of the same genre to make matters a good deal more complex. Previously, you can comfortably let your character offline at the match without any adverse outcomes. But now, if the character goes hungry for a few days, they will perish. So you have to regularly log into the match to nourish them to live.

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK v14.4.04 + OBB (Freeze Enemy) Download 2021

Prey Day: Survive Mod APK: And these foods you need to try to find around your living area. Sometimes you have to go really long and far to explore the giant map of Prey Day. In these adventures, there is a fantastic risk you will strike a Zombie. And an even more dreadful threat is that you encounter adversarial groups which are also looking for food sources. You may become their goal and be immediately crushed to loot equipment. So in cases like this, let’s bring in more buddies for safety.


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