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Name Package Disabler Pro
ID com.pdp.deviceowner
Publisher policedeveloper
Category Business
Category Paid
Version 12.5
Size 7.1M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up+

Package Disabler Pro APK

Package Disabler Pro APK is the most effective application on Android and Samsung devices. It allows you to turn off unneeded programs with your phone, and it is simple to use. Using this application, you can deactivate useless applications in just one click, which is a disabler for pro.

It’s a digital age, and most people use smartphones these days. From watching films to playing games to taking a book or ordering meals, everything can be accomplished using tablets and mobile phones.

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If you’ve purchased a smartphone, you should have realized that they’re pretty slow in processing and need frequent updates from us. You have numerous lag issues common on Samsung phones due to the applications for systems installed on these devices. Therefore, the most effective way to fix this issue is to install the package disabler professional APK for your phone. Once installed, it will handle the other things.

After installing this app, it will ask users to allow access right to your system, and there’s nothing wrong with giving full access to the plan to develop it. If you can use the default settings on the phone or make substantial modifications to its functions, We are sure that you’ll choose the second option. 

Features Of Package Disabler Pro APK

Before you download this excellent app and begin using it, first be aware of why you’d like to utilize it. Here are the main characteristics of this package disabling.

Package disabler pro

Disable System Apps that Cause Irritation

One of the most affordable and top-quality phones, yet they pay little importance when it concerns customers’ satisfaction. There are a lot of software applications that are installed on the system during the time of manufacturing, and the vast majority of them are ineffective and can slow down the performance of your smartphone. With the aid of the package disabler pro app, you can modify these applications based on the system and remove them for good and boost your phone’s performance. 

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Disable various Bloatware

The most significant issue with the software applications is that they’ll run in the background with no focus. There is no control over them, and they can make your phone slower substantially, as you could claim, because if your smartphone is loaded with all sorts of software installed in it, it won’t be able to function fully. The package installer will search for all the software bloatware and remove them with care. The best method for maintaining the phone’s efficiency is utilizing its application and eliminating all irrelevant common sense. The applications based on the system in the background will use up memory and reduce performance; however, package disabler com in such situations is the undisputed messiah.

No Need For Rooting Your Device

Some myths are circulating among users that they must root their devices to perform the necessary modifications with this app. It isn’t the case since you can use the package disabler professional application without rooting it, and you can turn off a wide range of system-based applications in a single click. In addition, rooting your device could mean you lose the security features provided by the company in the beginning; however, there’s no reason to do this when you’re using an application that disables packages.


Another benefit of the Package Disabler Pro app APK is exporting all your settings to external storage and importing the file you exported. This feature is useful when looking to test something new in your applications. If something goes wrong and you need to reset the settings, it is possible to import your settings.

We recommend that you include your Package Disabler Pro widget on the home screen to enable and deactivate the packages on the Home screen swiftly.

It is also possible to utilize the Quick Search feature in this application to locate or locate specific systems-based programs. This feature has been added to the latest version of package disabler, allowing users to search and find any application they want to deactivate effectively. It’s fascinating and user-friendly since this can solve all the issues without further research.

Easy to use again

Users will be highly concerned with the application if you go through the essential features you could provide. The program’s creator has been highly attentive and helpful to its users by providing the most effortless process. With just one click, you’ll now be able to get rid of the Bloatware from your device in minutes.

How to Install Package Disabler Pro APK

First, you must ensure that you enable the installation feature of 3 3rd third-party apps. You must select the “Dealing with unknown device” option ” Allow installation of apps on unfamiliar device” choice.

This feature permits the installation of apps available on third-party websites. This feature is necessary to install the applications apart from those available on the Google Play Store.

     After that, click to open the Apk file to begin the download.

     Then, press the install button and wait for a couple of seconds for the app to be installed onto your Mobile.

     After the installation has been completed, you will have an option to click open. Click it to open the application, and then you’re done.


The question is, how do you enable this feature when installing the applications?


To do this, take these steps:

     Navigate to your Mobile setting.

     After that, go to the Extra settings option.

     Select the Privacy menu.

     The “Allow the installation of apps not from a trusted source” option.

     Select this option.

Advantages Of Package Disabler Pro APK

     It will disable the Samsung system applications without rooting the phone. by using this application you can remove any unnecessary software. The program can also make to run indefinitely.

     The app you have disabled is not updated or removed using other means, like google play.

     You’re not limited to deactivating your system’s apps, but you can also disable other applications too, like, for instance, the play store, Facebook, and so more.

     The app also lets you control and limit the features that update other apps.

     It is a great app to control parental access and commercial situations since this app let you stop the application or package.

     To ensure that you don’t miss a single use, it offers an option to reset your password and uninstall the protection options.

     Eliminate any bloatware using the list of exported packages.

     To display all installed apps and disabled apps and system applications, make use of the filter feature, and with the help of the search feature, you can effortlessly search for or locate any app within your gadget.


What Is Package Disabler Pro APK?

Many people are unaware that it is impossible to deinstall applications that are based on the system or applications. Since the makers ensured that these applications would remain on the phone to the end, This is the case with every Android phone you can see in the hands of users. Package disabler pro can help you deactivate software that cannot uninstall. Naturally, the system-based applications cannot replace our system in any way, but they can return with only one click. The creators have given all the rights to the application to install it on your Mobile and feel the changes for yourself too.

Is package disabler Pro safe?

It’s safe. Be sure to know what an application on your system does before disabling it. If you turn off an essential feature and you want to allow it to enable once more.

How do I remove package disabler pro?

To remove this disabler from your package, It is essential to reset the factory. It’s as simple as removing the admin permission then uninstalling it, and there’s no need to complete the factory reset.


Then this article is concerning Package Disabler Pro APK 2022, and we hope you can do Package Disabler Pro APK download on this page. Note that there are a lot of websites where you can download Cracked Package Disabler Pro; however, be wary of fake sites as you could get malware or virus on fraudulent websites. This application was only compatible with Samsung devices for a while, but today it is possible to download Package Disabler Pro full version APK for any Android device.

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