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Obey Me! – is a new “one-tap” game which gives you a fresh opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the wonderful and magical world of fairies. Let’s go to fairy tale landObey Me! is an addictive and fast-paced action game with zombies!!! The game is designed to challenge your reflexes and reflexes, as well as all your concentration.Obey Me! is a brand new real-time strategy game, where you lead a war party to conquer villages, fight against enemies and expand your territory.

Obey Me! v6.2.5 MOD APK

Hi.. Welcome to the Obey Me! MOD APK latest version. This is an action game where players have to take on the role of a fearless agent who must keep the world safe from evil forces. Players will need to face tons of enemies in order to reach the final goal of defeating these enemies with your skills. As you progress, more challenging waves of enemies will arrive, so kindly use all the weapons, support and traps when fighting them.

Addictive game where you must survive in increasingly

is a difficult and addictive game where you must survive in increasingly-dangerous situations. You need to touch the screen for one second to open the door. Your goal is to survive by cleverly evading enemies, discovering new weapons and tools, and becoming the ultimate protector of your friends.OBEY ME! is an amazing game that will test your logic, reflexes and concentration. There are many different levels with different obstacles and enemies. The player has to move carefully on every level. Play online with friends or against computer in this amazing physics game.

you rule it with your own hands!

Take over the whole city as you rule it with your own hands! With this role playing game to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. You can battle other players in a multiplayer mode and upgrade your abilities that will allow you to be stronger than before. You won’t just get yourself into trouble but into epic battles with the monsters who are invading your city.OBEDY – a game like no other, in which you need to use your agility and dexterity as a surgeon who needs to perform highly complicated operations on vital organs of the body. Each surgery is extremely difficult and requires mastery of different tools and equipment. Surgeons will have to deal with different types of infections and threats, simultaneously dealing with the immediate situation and fighting for your life.

Battle game where you are a single

Obey Me! is a battle game where you are a single “Nerf” against hordes of enemies. You can build a base and upgrade it, then send out soldiers to battle your enemies. It’s pretty much like Clash of Clans with guns!Obedience is the way to go. You’re a queen and this game is going to make you feel like a real one. From here, you can control everything that happens inside the game and make it look how you want it to be seen.Obey Me! is a puzzle game similar to Tetris featuring a unique mix of 2D flat layout, 3D block animations, and real-time strategy elements. Earn money to upgrade your city, unlock new buildings and expand your empire. Designed for mobile devices from the ground up with beautiful retro visuals, handcrafted animations and immersive sound effects.

Action game for Android that challenges

Obey Me! is an action game for Android that challenges you to build your own city, and then rule it with an iron fist. You’re not a ruler, as such; killing people has no effect on the game whatsoever. Instead, you must recruit them into your cult by giving them delicious snacks and making sure they’ll obey you in battle—and also that they keep obeying you when they’re not around.

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