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My Dear Farm is a social farming simulation game for Android devices. We have paid for the rights to distribute this game in the Google Play Store, however, it does not mean that there is no advertisement. However, we do not plan to add advertisements that can change the gameplay features and tools.This is a farming game where everything is unlocked! Start off your new life in My Dear Farm! Plant and grow crops, gather resources and sell them to earn money. Acquire new buildings, machines and animals to create a successful farm. Buy upgrades with your hard-earned cash, or upgrade your house or barn to get even more benefits. My Dear Farm is a farming adventure game, where you can experience the charm of rural life. The task is simple: grow your farm by creating fresh, local food and cultivating colorful flowers!


My Dear Farm v1.3 MOD APK

For example; you can get a barn that also functions as a large storage building for all of your crops if you’re not able to keep them all in one place without getting lost on what’s what Dear Farm is a free to play farming simulation game, where you have the chance to build & show off your beautiful farms world. Follow the 2015 New York Times Best Seller which has over 20 million downloads, on Android now to create your own farm!Make your own farm, grow crops, and raise animals on your very own farm.Are you tired of playing the same old Farm game? My Dear Farm takes you to a new and exciting world! The farm belongs to you! You’ll be able to take care of different animals and crops, as well as grow beautiful flowers and trees. It’s time to explore new land–and bring a little sunshine into your life.

Making Perfect Avatar

Make a perfect avatar with this game. As you walk through the park and garden, you can see delicious fruits and vegetables growing in the landscape. If you don’t want to get any achievement, all you need to do is start the game and enjoy it while earning money at the same time! Do you ever want to create an avatar on your own? Then My Dear Farm gives you the opportunity to do just that. You can design your own avatar, dress it up and show off your customizations! The My Dear Farm v1.3 MOD APK app has a super-stylish interface that makes it easy to play with your appearance as well as harvest crops, make money and grow trees. My Dear Farm V1.3 is a fresh and charming farming adventure that combines the original elements of the series with exciting new mechanics, locations and characters. You will be guided through the game by 4 unique characters: Allison, Jessy, Anna and Nellie. their story begins in the village where they live with their grandmother and family. But when grandma dies suddenly, they have to leave their beloved home to find a new life in another village.


Make your own Farm

Dear Farm is a farming simulation game. Build the dream farm of your dreams and bring it to life. Decorate and decorate your house, have fun spending time with your animals as they grow, care for your crops and trees, grow them into something special and sell them at the market to earn money!My Dear Farm is a casual, card collecting game with beautiful graphics and lots of characters to recruit. As you play, you’ll be introduced to new characters, new worlds, and new ways to build your farm! Grow flower gardens, raise animals, find rare treasures and collect unique crop seeds that grow into rare delicacies. There are many ways to earn money in My Dear Farm through playing the game and winning Achievements. You can use this money to purchase new items or expand your farm by buying buildings like storage buildings with walls that keep crops from disappearing when it rains or harvesting buildings which increases how much yield your crops have.

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