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Modern Ops v7.74 MOD APK + OBB (Show Enemies/No Recoil, Spread)

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Name Modern Ops- Online FPS
ID com.edkongames.mobs
Category Action
Version 6.65
Size 437M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: Shooting games have been accessible is a monument in several players . With big guys like Half-Life, Cross-Fire… That makes the players no stranger to this game collection. After wards, “Modern Ops — Online FPS” is an online shooter.

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK

Launched by Edkon Games GmbH, this is a publisher which has released a number of shooting games that have been created for those that are interested in the thrill components that a shooter needs to have such as play, cold-blooded, group spirit… Considered to be like the favorite PUBG sport, but it nevertheless has customization So if you are too bored with PUBG, then this will be a great match for you and your pals. Would you need to participate in the dramatic, bloody battle right now?


Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: Armed or turned into a bandit to perform meaningless assignments and fight against the police. Gamers will be playing in the first perspective to feel more than the fact and gore of a shooting match. Each match will have the involvement of 10 players, five people will become police, and five individuals will become robbers.

Both may have a heated battle to guard their motives. In the game there will be no death, each time killed the player is going to be revived in the revived position, and the enemy team is going to soon be added 10 points. Each match will only continue for 5 minutes to ascertain the winner. However, during those 5 minutes, players will need to concentrate and show all their skills to win.

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK v6.65 (Radar/Speed) Download 2021

Reduce the number of deaths and kill as many enemies as possible to gain points in your team to be able to win the game. In each match, all the best of this game will be expressed through it, the most nervous suspense of a shooter. Players can participate in the game independently or invite more friends to the team to be able to encourage each other better.


Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: To have the ability to compete with the games of the same category available on the market, the sport also includes more outstanding features.

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: With over 30 distinct guns, the number of gun lines is also complete as assault rifles, aiming guns… Players can choose for themselves different weapons of different gun lines based on based on individual preferences. Sniper rifle to be able to accelerate attacks on enemy bases, sniper rifles acceptable for individuals with guerrilla gameplay… All are offered in Modern Ops — Online FPS such as missiles as well as heavy machine guns. Choose your own weapons and join them in battles right away.

Fighting Online

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: With a worldwide relationship system, players can take part in battles with other players around the world. Grab your weapons, fully equip your armor, and head outside to battle upon the continent.


Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: The ranking is what to show your abilities, the higher the position, the higher the skills will be. Fight with enemies and win to accumulate points and upgrade your own position.


Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: Let us create parties for myself and friends to join in to be able to get in touch with each other more easily. Guilds are the most convenient instrument for linking players in the game.


Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: The game has a layer of 3D images true and vivid in each second. Players can easily feel that the details in the game more thanks to the graphic layer. The scene from the game is enormous, with several distinct maps from town streets surrounded by tall buildings to houses in the center of the wilderness. The effect in the game is not anything to discuss as it is done very nicely. From the sparks, the vibration of the environment when encountering an assault… all extraordinarily diverse and eye-catching.


Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: The sound of bullets being shot sounds incredibly brittle; the sound of footsteps or changing openings are sincere and lovely.

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK v6.65 (Radar/Speed) Download 2021

Modern Ops- Online FPS Mod APK: All elements of this game are used to improve the participant’s experience. Thanks to the fact, players may easily mingle to feel all the details in the game. It was as if the individual holding the gun was himself.


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