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Medieval Merge v1.25.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy, Free Shopping) – Welcome to the exciting world of merging RPG games! You will meet all of your dreams in this game! Become a powerful hero and slay monsters. If you like tapping on the screen at the same time for combat, then this game is for you. Do not hesitate—the world needs heroes like you to protect it from evil! Get Medieval Merge today and start battling with your friends on Facebook!

Medieval Merge v1.25.3 MOD APK

A new medieval world needs you. Don’t wait any more, download and install Medieval Merge v1.25.3 MOD APK and enjoy the game! Medieval Merge is a fun and addictive game that will test your skills as well as your brains. With many new features and improved gameplay, it is now even more challenging to win! Using the magic wand, you can summon monsters and use them in battle against the enemy. Enemies include skeletons, zombies, mermaids and much more.Merge any two worlds to create your own! Play with castles and monsters, customize your character with new outfits, or collect treasures and gems. Make friends with other players in our multiplayer village!

Merging Objects Participation

Get ready go medieval as you merge various objects, use them for battle against other similar players and earn resources by killing them. Join our epic Medieval Merge Band and level up to unlock cool new instruments, cosmetics, and more! It is a very good game I like it much . The game is a combination of two hundred years of scientific achievements, the parallelism of physics and mechanics. You will experience dozens of unique and ambitious new machines, which had never been seen in real life. All the objects have special abilities which allow them to create something amazing.



Merge the game with a previous level to be able to unlock new items in the shop, pass more Quests and earn more Gold. The higher you merge, the harder it gets Meet the characters from worlds of Medieval Merge: legendary heroes from the time of knights. Join this adventure and explore new lands, new dungeons and defeat mysterious bosses in epic battles with unique items. Required to unlock the medieval merge? there are so many things that you have to do. they are not all necessary, but it will make your game more fun.


Become the most powerful blacksmith in the world, who decided to settle down after his long journeys. There is a lot of interesting stuff waiting for you to do in medieval kingdoms. Build houses, farms and other construction objects, respect the rules of nature and get money as often as possible. Journey to the dark side of medieval history, forge your own way and become a legend in the world of Medieval Merge. Travel through different ages, collecting valuable materials and priceless artifacts to forge advanced weaponry and defeat mighty opponents. Build a base with many rooms that are connected by new bridges and ramps, manage your blacksmiths to provide them with safer working conditions and automate their production.

Dark side of medieval history

Medieval Merge is a thrilling adventure game where you will be able to meet and interact with more than 100 different characters, who you can claim as your own in the new town of Guldenroede. Enjoy an infinite number of unique quests, unique events and enjoy battles with hundreds of other players from around the world. Medieval Merge is an amazing game where you can join the game and travel to different places. In this game, you will face many challenges, you will travel across the world and play with your friends. You need to find all the tools needed in order to build structures and defeat monsters.

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