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MARVEL Duel Mod Apk v1.0.96894 + OBB (Full) Download 2022

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Name MARVEL Duel
ID com.netease.mduelna
Publisher Netease Games Global
Category Card
Version 1.0.96894
Size 101M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk: A fun trading card game adventure is featured in Marvel Duel in which players can meet amazing heroes and villains. The players will be provided with the deck, and with it, will be able to win at many levels of the game. Additionally, with every update, players get new cards, and they can create an entirely new deck that is compatible with the meta. Since then, this has become an opportunity for players to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge. Each season an opponent’s deck is transformed into metas that you have to change quickly.

Experience the majesty of the Sky Deck

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk: The players will discover a variety of cards to include in their decks with the new edition of MARVEL Duel. One of the things players should keep an eye on is the arrival of a new , highly loved deck called Warrior of the Sky. In particular, this deck is one that many players this season declare. You can also refer to the steps to construct this deck, and be aware of its strengths if defeated.

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk v1.0.96894 + OBB (Full) Download 2021


MARVEL Duel Mod Apk: If you’re a person who has played the trading game of cards called Yu-Gi-Oh, and is fascinated by Marvel heroes and their characters, the MARVEL Duel is a great option for you. In this game, players play as a variety of heroes in different shapes which have been featured in the work of Marvel. You’ll realize that you cannot be able to control these characters as in other action games that have the same theme , but utilize cards to battle opponents.

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk: You’ll have a deck of cards that have a variety of attributes and features. You’ll be using your knowledge and these cards to subtract points your opponent is able to accumulate. That is, whoever loses the most points is the winner. There are other features which you need to pay attention to since this game is different from the game that features similar gameplay. Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. The players can start their turn by attacking, and, most of the time, players are able to attack points of enemies.

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk v1.0.96894 + OBB (Full) Download 2021

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk: Every turn, you are able to draw a single character that has stats one on the left side on the display. If you wish to summon a character with higher stats by using a character in playing field, then a higher stat character will appear. The way you use the cards is contingent upon the conditions that they meet and is compatible with your plan of action. In addition in addition to the character cards, some cards also have specific features that you can use and effects to help your fight.

Build a stunning deck

MARVEL Duel Mod Apk: If you’re looking to win the Marvel Duel, then you’ll need a powerful deck. The requirements for making a simple deck is that you’ll combine practical cards with related characters to create powerful combos. But it isn’t an easy process and requires numerous challenges. Also, be sure to update your meta whenever you play the deck. You can also alter it according to the season. It’s because there are always new cards that could be added to future versions.


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