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KineMaster Diamond Apk v4.16.5.18945.GP Free Download (No Watermark) 2022

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Name KineMaster Diamond
Category Video Players & Editors
Size 40MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

If you want to use kinemaster for professional work, use kinemaster Diamond apk. It is a more powerful tool than the kinemaster pro version. You might be wondering for an application helpful in professional work. It is a very powerful tool; kinemaster Diamond version contains more exciting features.

KineMaster Diamond Apk v4.14 Free Download (No Watermark) 2021

It is designed for professional work, and you can create amazing blogs and videos for YouTube or any other project. It small size application with premium features as compared to other premium apps. You can export extra HD video without resolution worries. Unlike other premium applications, there are no crash problems when you add multiple layers in your video, and you add extra layers according to desire.

It is an unlocked version, and you can enjoy features without subscription worries. This tool is helpful in video editing, and you can create quality videos the same as for professionals on an android phone. Now you don’t need to buy a computer to edit high-quality level videos. Day by day, kinemaster Diamond apk is becoming more famous among users.

KineMaster Diamond Apk Detail

FeaturesNow let’s discuss features of kinemaster Diamond apk. What is new in kinemaster Diamond apk?

KineMaster Diamond Apk v4.14 Free Download (No Watermark) 2021

Multiple layers

Using this tool, you can use multi-layers according to your desire. Unlike other applications, this application doesn’t create an error or crashes for using layers. Using this feature, you can make videos more charming.


You can use different font families to make the text more stylish. By using different fonts, you can write beautiful text on video, and it can attract your viewers and helpful in making videos more attractive. Moreover, you can add a description of scenes.


You can add animation on video layers, adjust keyframes by using this tool. Users can get the advantage of this feature while making videos. It is a tremendously helpful feature.

Chroma key

Like all versions of kinemaster, Chroma key feature is also in the Diamond version. Change video backgrounds according to your desire. You need to use a green screen in the background, turn it into amazing backgrounds.

Aspect Ratio

You can adjust aspect ratio according to your desire if you are making videos for YouTube, Facebook, or Tiktok. It is an outstanding feature that helps to improve quality.


You can watch a preview of your video, and it is helpful to adjust video according to your will compere video quality by using this feature. You can improve the video using it.

Transition effect

You can use transition effects to make video scenes more attractive. It is a necessary feature, mostly used by editors, to create a masterpiece beautiful for users.

Reverse video

It is an exciting feature mostly available to users, and you can reverse your video. Video editors can create fun for viewers by reversing video and using animations.


This tool is easily available to users, and amazingly it is free of cast. User doesn’t need to pay a subscription to use its fantastic feature.


You can Export video without resolution worries. You can select options of resolution while importing video. Export HD videos commonly, this feature is available in premium versions; you can use this feature for free using this tool.


You can adjust the speed of the scenes according to your desire. You can create slow-motion scenes to make your product more attractive. It is a mostly used feature; we commonly watch in films, seasons, and Tiktok videos.


Every video editor wants to get rid of watermarks, like all versions of kinemaster users can remove the watermark from the project. It is delicious about this tool; that’s why users want to use this tool.

KineMaster Diamond Apk v4.14 Free Download (No Watermark) 2021

What are permissions required while downloading kinemaster Diamond apk?

When you download this tool, it accesses a few device apps functions; first of all, it accesses your smartphone camera to take pictures or shoot videos; it accesses the microphone for recording audio. Your cell phone gallery is accessed by this tool to select images or videos: access mobile data and WIFI connections.

How to download the kinemaster Diamond version?

You can download it from Click the download button; it will take time according to your internet connection (WIFI recommended). Turn on sources in security settings.

What is the installation guide?

It is straightforward to install after download tap on the install button. It starts the installation process; now, this process will take time according to your device capabilities. AS the installation process completes lunch, the app, enjoy its features.

How to download kinemaster Diamond for IOS?

For iPhone users, this tool is not yet available; only android users can use this version. IOS users can download the pro version from the app store, but on the app store, the premium version is not free. You have to pay a subscription.

Can kinemaster diamond edit 4k videos?

Yes, it is able to edit 4k videos, depends upon your device capability if your device supports 4k videos, you can modify it by using this tool, it supports 4k videos.


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