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Instander APK v16.0 Download Latest – (Instagram MOD APK) 2022

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App Info

Name Instander APK
Publisher thedise
Category Communication
Category Instander APK
Version 16.0
Size 54.18MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Instander APK

If you are looking for an Instagram alternative, the Instander APK is the best app for your needs. This special application allows users to experience news feeds, like and comment on posts that are made through their popular social media platform easily.

Instander Apk

Instander APK is a useful app for everyone who wants to use their Instagram account in the most efficient manner. It lets you discover friends that are similar to you and share posts, photos, and videos with them. Some of the best features include an ad-free experience and an option to download videos from Instagram to your phone.

What is Instander Mod Apk?

Instander Mod Apk is a very good application that helps you download all photos, videos from Instagram. Using this mod app, you can easily get the latest news and other important information from Instagram.


This apk will give you some exciting features so that you can share the stuff in a proper way. Once your account is verified, you can freely start to use this platform for getting more things done with your friends and families. Instander gives you an access to download all memories from Instagram on your android smartphone or tablet PC.


Here all the amazing features of Instander Mod Apk listed below;

Hide view stories

There’s a modifies version of Instagram that turns off your presence on people’s stories. This mode allows you to view people’s stories without the app notifying them that you did allow you to get away with it every time.

Save your favorite Instagram photos & videos

Save your favorite Instagram photos and videos by downloading them with Instander APK. The app makes it easy to download any photo or video from your phone to your computer with just one click, so you can quickly access your favorite photos and videos without having to change from one app to another.

Instander Mod Apk

Feature of hiding direct read messages

It is very important for you to hide direct read text messages from your friend but there may be situations when you want to show him that you have opened the text and this way, he will not hate you. The feature of hiding direct read messages is easy to use and once you enable it on the social media app, it shows the number of times that you have opened the message.

Ghost Mode

Using the Ghost Mode is the best thing to do if you want to lie about your identity. There are lots of tools available for hiding your activities on Facebook and other social media. You can use them for free. For example, when anyone comes to know that you read his or her story then it costs a lot and you get some bad reputation for doing such things. If you hide your like stories, no one would know that you saw the same story.

Disable video autoplay

You may have noticed that some video content continues playing after you’ve clicked away from your phone. Sometimes, the video does not play on the feed because the app automatically played it. A solution is to disable autoplay of videos in your feed. Instander app allows you to turn off this option and save data as well.

Make close friends List

Create your own list of close friends and share with them only what you want. With Instander, you can add, remove and edit anyone from your list whenever you wish. People who see shared files with this label will know that you’re sharing with a few select individuals but not others, so they won’t be able to view these files elsewhere on their own accounts.

Verification badge

Instagram verification is a special badge that appears next to your account name and means that you are one of the most followed accounts on Instagram and thus, you have a lot of influence on the page. Once you get verified on the app, you will get more people following you regularly and all future posts will have a higher chance of being seen.

Share photos and videos

Instander is the best app for Facebook users. The user can choose to turn on a feature that lets other people post your feed posts to their stories only. If you don’t want anyone to add your posts, Instander lets you do so by turning off that option. You can also turn this off so that people cannot share photos and videos from your story as messages but still allow them to share photos and videos from Instagram stories on Facebook since it’s supported by Instagram, not Facebook (like all other stories).

Ads free

Turning off the ads in your feeds can be a pain in the neck, especially if you have a slow internet connection. The Instander app on Android lets you do just that by blocking all ads on your platform and making the ones that you get from regular news apps appear at their real source. This will significantly reduce data usage as well.

Additional features

  • Download Stories
  • Download IGTV Videos
  • Photos in High quality
  • HQ Media
  • Disabled analytics
  • Confidentiality
  • Support 25 languages

Final Words

Enjoy the best of the internet right in your hand with the Instander APK! The app allows you to share amazing content on social media and connect with friends. With this app, you will be able to create amazing content with a range of features that other apps do not provide. Download today and make your experience one-of-a-kind!

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