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Top 10 incredible Riding Apps For Android And IOS 2022

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Riding was much difficult task in past when you didn’t know the routes. People use personal riding computers, maps and some distance measuring devices to track their riding, but it is much difficult to handle all these thing while riding. These devices are much expensive and difficult to understand. Now technology has changed our lives, it provides many ways to track your riding.

Top 10 incredible Riding Apps For Android And IOS 2021

Anything you wants to do just download the app and eliminate your difficulty. If you have smart phone then just download the apps for better riding. These apps helps you to track your riding. There are many benefits to downloading the Riding apps.


There are many benefits to downloading the Riding apps. By using the apps you can easily measure your distance, speed and also you can find the smallest path to ride that will helps to save your time. Riding apps provides you many services that saves your money, reduce the stress, and there is no need to face any long route traffic. There are different Riding apps are available for different purposes. Just download app and select your ride according to your choice like horse riding, cab riding, car riding, bike riding etc. In this article we are listing 10 incredible Riding Apps for both Android and IOS.

Top 10 incredible Riding Apps For Android And IOS 2021

  1. Map My Ride

  2. Ride With GPS

  3. TransLoc Rider

  4. Bike Computer

  5. Google Maps

  6. Runtastic

  7. Beat

  8. Strava

  9. EatSleepRIDE

  10. Equilab

Map My Ride:

Not only for bike riders, also helpful in any other session like run and walk. When you download the app it provides you option of “join now”, then register yourself and create your account. It provides you more than 600 categories and you can select any of them according to your choice. Once you selected then and audio feedback will send by the app about the speed and time. It is a powerful tool that gives you training to ride. Map My App provides you a lot of functions to save your time, finding the best routes and also provide an option to stay safe. Map My App offers you a free service option including unlimited routes. Most important feature of Map My App is provide an membership ‘MVP’ for monthly $5.9 and 29.9 yearly based. Another option is paid service provides you maps, tearing plans and a lot of other services are available to track your Ride. This app is available for both Android and IOS.

Ride With GPS:

This is a bike tracking app that provides you every detail during the ride. It provides you a GPS that track your ride. Just click on the start button and it will give you all information about the app how to use it. After starting, it keeps the record of your speed, distance and duration and provides you an amazing option this will let your friends know about your ride. This app is called route planning app because it set your routes before riding. Basically it is a plate form for planning and finding your routes. GPS planner in the Ride with GPS is a new design to less your burden and make your ride easier. You can share your Ride planes with others.

TransLoc Rider

If you travel in any of the public transport this app is really useful for you. You can easily track your bus or train in which you travel. TransLoc Rider provides you complete information about your bus that how much time it will take to reach at the destination. There is no need to stand out and waiting for your bus. If you have the smart phone then download the app free and enjoy its services.

Bike Computer

This app also provides you a facility to download the app free because it is community of 10.000 cyclists. Just download the app and tracks your rider and record how much distance traveled, speed and time at the end of your ride. It offers you the best features and maps to choose your destination according to your choice after finding the best route. Sharing option is also available in it to share your rides with your friends also. It also have an option to keep me safe that ensures you always have someone in case of any accident. Another option is night themes that allows you to ride at night.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a simple app that keeps you in right direction, it show best routes to your destination and whenever you are in traffic it finds best path for you. Just to download Google Maps in your smart phone and enter the destination it will automatically finds the best paths for you to safe and quick journey. During the journey you can also see that how much distance you covered. Google Maps is automatically available in your smart phones if not then download it by play store

It provides you all option either you are travelling on bus, bike or car. It will find the best path for you in any case. Just enter your location and find accurate route for your destination.


It is too much easy and amazing app that keep track of your time, distance, speed. It also helps you to keep track of your health also in your daily routine. It provides you four basic options activity tracking, shoe tracking, what’s your goal and finally a training plan. Based upon these four option you can track your ride. Besides all these it provides you a map that you can see which path is suitable for you to move on. This app is available for both Android and Ios. Another version of this app is also available called Runtastic Steps that will help you to lose your weight and remove calories. You can set up your profile, check your progress and activities etc.


For both Android and IOS users it is free to download. It is very easy in use, just download the app and see the beat approaching you on your map. Before booking the ride you can choose your own car and own driver. Like all other apps it provides you the option to share your ride with friends and family. It provides you two main facilities are Beat mobility services, maps and navigation. Download the app then register you self-connect with beat driver. Pay easily by the card or cash in 24 hours a day.


Thousands of people using this app and love it. Strava will track your distance, speed and time whenever you run, cycle, walk and swim. Its built-in maps are available you can use them at any time. You can use it to compete your previous tasks and also to give new challenges to your friends. This app is free for both Android and IOS users.


  1. Provides you real distance tracking.

  2. Find the location

  3. Analysis your heart rate

  4. Provide a variety of fitness goals

  5. You can keep track all kind of activities.


People who likes to ride on bicycle this app is really helpful for them. You can record unlimited records of your rides and find out the best paths for your quick ride. Each time you can improve your ride by comparing it with previous data or record. The best thing is that automatically detects the crash. Whenever you find a crash you can change your route. It contains the map and on the map you can see your groups in ride. It helps you to set the challenges and find the best path to win your challenge. You can see your challenges history at every time. It provides you tracking routes and safety. This app is specially used for bike riding and here are more than 3000 motorcycle roads are available. You can keep record of your rides and also measure the distance, speed and time.


People how love horse riding can install this app on their smart phones and easily track their horse movements. It is both for riders and horses. With the help of most experienced horse trainers a lot of features are listed such as horse exercises, health of horses. Using these exercises you can easily train your horse. Like all other apps it provides you map to find the best path for your ride. This is available for both Android and IOS users.

Top 10 incredible Riding Apps For Android And IOS 2021

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