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Idle Lumber Empire is a strategy game for PC and Android. Win the war for resources, and become the most powerful king among other kings! Idle Lumber Empire is a real-time strategy game in which you create and manage your own kingdom. Use shrewd tactics to conquer your enemies, gather resources, develop new cities and settlements, build special buildings, train military units and make proper use of technologies while keeping an eye on different aspects of social interactions with other players known as “alliances”. You will have to make tough decisions not just when it comes to military tactics but also in other areas like diplomacy, alliances or cultural activities.


Idle Lumber Empire v1.4.13 MOD APK

In this idle sim you rise from humble beginnings to become a ruler of your own kingdom!Idle Lumber Empire is an amazing management game brought to the players by a renowned game developer Glyphic Media, LLC. In this game, the players assume the role of a lumberjack on a scenic mountaintop and work towards building up their empire in an effort to win the heart of your loved one and lead her to the altar. While there are various elements that make this game stand out from others such as its fantasy themed setting and assorted weapons available to you as well as an attractive UI design, it is what lies beneath all that that makes this game so special



le Lumber Empire Mod Apk. Unlimited Money, Gold and Diamonds! The game has many features like Recruitment, New Characters, Levels, Missions and New Achievements. The guild treasury can accumulate money in the form of gold coins or diamonds depending on the amount of players recruited and the amount introduced into the gaming world. Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK expansion is also optimized to provide enough space for all functions of this game as well as different upgrades. Idle Lumber Empire is one of the best idle games for Android. You will build a huge forest empire by hiring workers and hunting monsters to harvest resources – building new forests, clearing land and hiring a lot of lumberjacks.


Idle Game gives you a chance to put your skills in tune with others as it gives you an opportunity to play multiplayer games with other people at home or on Twitter or Facebook.Idle and boring? Here is the ultimate game with a refreshing twist, where you can lay idle and wait for a huge sum of money. Or how to invest, grow and become one of the most famous entrepreneurs in this city! This app uses AR technology to make the gameplay more realistic and unique.


Idle Lumber Empire is a casual game for Android. You are in charge of building your own lumber empire from the ground up with this idle game, and bring it to the top! This mobile idle simulation has over 500 unique buildings created by the developers for this game. Your objective is to use those buildings to make money, hire employees, buy additional land and grow your business! With different upgrades and buildings you can unlock along the way as you grow your lumber empire. Idle Lumber Empire v1.4.13 MOD APK (Free Purchase, VIP) is a hardcore city-building game in which you can explore the world and conquer it. In this game, you start off as a lumberjack who has access to a small plot of land and immediately starts building his own empire. You must manage your resources carefully in order to grow your empire as fast as possible. Play through the story mode, complete challenges and unlock new areas, hire employees, craft goods, unlock buildings which help you earn more money faster and much more! Idle Lumber Empire is a game that takes you to the amazing world of lumberjacks! Idle Lumber Empire is a type of game where you can play for free, get Free Vip and buy premium times in order to help you advance through the game more easily.

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