IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator v4.5 MOD APK (Free Reward)

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The Driver’s Seat is the most realistic driving simulator available for Android. You will experience high-speed highways, huge cities and exotic locations. Available for free on Google Play. DBS Indonesia Truck Simulator is a new truck racing game. It includes multiplayer online. Drive trucks with heavy loads, it’s a truck racing track. Swiftly drive to the end of the track as fast as possible!


IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator v4.5 MOD APK

DBS Indonesia Truck Simulator has many beautiful locations, where you can play and improve your skills to earn money in different ways Besides the game, there are also rewards depending on the distance that you can travel and complete missions in this game Experience the new and enhanced version of the trucking simulator that is going to make you feel like a young man. After all, this game is based on the real theme of truckers.

Adjust the Move points of Truck

The Move Points allow you to adjust the camera angle while driving. If you have played the other truck simulators but feel like the move points aren’t quite set, change the move points in this mod. The truck has been built according to the specifications provided by our customers. The necessary improvements and adjustments have been made in order to make it more realistic, reliable and safe. DBS Indonesia Truck Simulator MOD APK, is a complete simulation game for Indonesian truck drivers.

Key Features of the game

  • 1) A bunch new trucks! 3D models with detailed interiors, new engines, over 120 variants you can choose from –that’s more than 50% more truck than the original game. 2) New Career Mode: find yourself behind the wheel of a very basic truck and more experienced one that feels like a muscle car in high performance state. 3) More variety of jobs: you will have to drive over 55 different types of missions! 4) Quicker loading time –due to optimized data transmission between devices and graphics rendering Trucking Simulator is a simulation game in which the player drives a truck from one place to another.
  • Starting from the Indonesia full truck game! Increase your vehicle’s power and accelerate as much as possible!
  • Get a taste of the real world of trucking with DBS Indonesia Truck Simulator 4.5 MOD APK!Key features: The truck uses a similar engine to that of the legendary Scania, so it is extremely powerful and responsive. A sleeper driver who has no interest in driving will be able to drive the truck efficiently.
  • Features: Truck Simulator 4.5 MOD APK (Free Reward) – D&D Games – Know the best truck simulator games of 2019, the most realistic and fun to play! Meet thousands of trucks behind the wheels and enjoy unforgettable experience! In this free new version, you will be able to choose between 3 types of fuel and 20 different kinds of trucks. They are now on different roads such as highways, country roads, city streets, rural areas and more. You can choose any one map according to your own preference as well as fix it with a simple button. In this way we can help you unlock more gifts day by day. The game is still the same but with some changes in all its modes such as career mode (upgrading), multiplayer game mode (competitions), online store and customization options which are present in previous versions
  • Truck Simulator – If you are looking to play a game that is challenging, yet fun and forget about your real life boredom, then Truck Simulator is the perfect one for you. It will keep you focused on this game for hours!
  • This game is a simulation game of trucks, where you need to navigate around the road on your own. You can buy new trucks or drive them in levels. There are 50 levels, which you need to complete by collecting items and improving performance.

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