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House Flipper is a casual simulation video game developed by Nordcurrent, which simulates the experience of renovating and flipping houses . House Flipper is a real estate sim/strategy game that gives you control over your in-game surroundings and lets you ‘flip’ houses. This game features over 100 unique upgrades, 4 different house styles and a ton of unlockable items.


House Flipper v1.190 MOD APK

You can then decorate your houses to their hearts content using all the different furniture options available!Are you ready to become a real estate mogul? The Game House Flipper will help you to organize and renovate your own unique spaces. Perfectly follow the instructions of the developers, build suites, renovate them and sell them at huge profits! If you are interested in fixing something up, then download our game right now on your Android device and start playing It’s a limitless money game where you take on the challenge of transforming different houses into amazing homes. If you are looking for a home design and renovating business simulator game, then this game is perfect for you! The main goal is to buy old and damaged houses, then fix them up and sell them in order to generate profits. In other words, your mission is to build an empire by investing in real estate.

Earn a Lot of Money

This is a house flipping game in which you can make money easily by selling the houses!Earn a lot of money by selling off the restoration of the house. Restore old houses into beautiful ones and sell them for profit, you can also hire workers to help to restore the house . Want to build a house flipper? This game is exactly what you need! Build a house, buy a property and renovate it. Then sell it at the best price, so that you can earn a lot of money with which you can buy your own dream home. Bid on and flip homes in the lucrative property market. Buy low, renovate and resell homes for profit. Visit a new neighborhood each day to choose your next house flip.

Renovation work complete

The Renovation Work of House Flipper is so real that you feel like a professional house flipper, renovating houses and making them look beautiful all by yourself. Become a professional renovator in this game, which is full of opportunities for you to make money. Complete the renovation work of a house to make the area attractive and appealing. This game is very similar to other renovation games that are available, but with more in-game features. Renovate and renovate the old building. You can customize the green spaces of your own house and make it a place to relax or entertain friends Featuring one of the most realistic renovation simulations on mobile, House Flipper is a game where you are the real estate developer and interior designer. Buy old houses, renovate them to their former glory, and then sell them or rent them out. Every house is unique, so use furniture to decorate it just right!

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