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Hotel Madness is a Strategy Game. Build, Upgrade, and Manage your own Hotel. Fight for Recognition in the Leaderboards. You can fight for the number 1 spot on Google Play Games and win an unlimited amount of VIP Tokens.Hotel Madness is an interesting game which was developed by the Glu Mobile. The game is a good mix of time management and hotel management. The goal of the game is to run a hotel successfully and earn profit by attracting visitors, and providing excellent service.


Hotel Madness v1.4.6 MOD APK

Hotel Madness is a game with stunning 3D graphics, large maps and various types of quests. You can play on numerous locations in the game where you will have to hunt down different monsters, zombies and other enemies.This game is a strategic defense game where you have to protect your hotel from the evil monsters that want to destroy it. The monsters can come at any moment and you’re responsible for their safety. You must arm your towers with powerful weapons to fend off these monsters, making sure they don’t breach the hotel. This game has the retro look and feel of classic arcade games like Gauntlet and Defender.

Madness is an amazing adventure game for everyone

Hotel Madness is an amazing adventure game for everyone.Hotel Madness™ is an intense 3D mobile game that presents you with an amazing and beautiful 3D item viewing experience. In the Hotel Madness™ game, there are many different categories of hotels to choose from in your quest to collect more hotel upgrades. The rooms of each hotel are various shapes and sizes with several options and amenities you can use, so you must plan your strategy accordingly. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, you can head over to one of the many competitions and show off your skills in front of other players around the world.

Hotel Madness is an addictive and thrilling game

Hotel Madness is an addictive and thrilling game with well-designed monsters, puzzles and dungeons. It’s a colorful tour through the hotel – a beautiful place where the rooms are decorated according to their number. The storyline develops as you progress from level to level. At each step, you will get a task: to find a key, expose the room to light or destroy monsters hidden in order to open the door for new rooms. The gameplay is based on your abilities and sense of observation.

Have a variety of hotel guests to kill.

Hotel Madness is a great game. It is very similar to Angry Birds. The only difference is that instead of birds, you have a variety of hotel guests to kill. The craziest part of the game is that your hotel guest has a very sharp sense of humor, and can even enjoy in killing other guests as well! You will even meet everyday people who actually want to help you gain some extra cash.

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