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GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK v1.04 + OBB (Menu/Unlimited Money) 2022

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Name GTA Chinatown Wars
ID com.rockstargames.gtactw
Category Action
Version 1.04
Size 520MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+
GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: GTA, also known as Grand Theft Auto, is one of the largest franchises in the sandbox adventure game genre and always offers players impressive and attractive games on many different platforms.
GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK v1.04 + OBB (Menu/Unlimited Money) 2021

This article will introduce an entry of the entire series, but exclusively on mobile platforms: GTA: Chinatown Wars, a spin-off from the main storyline. In this game, the player will be able to control a completely new character but get entangled in countless problems of Chinese neighborhoods in the United States, and from there, start to find a way to get rid of everything with violence.


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: Almost all GTA games introduce a massive world for players to explore, and they can freely vandalize, loot, and kill people on the streets. That is also why the franchise is so loved when it gives players more freedom than special content.

However, the city will gradually change and expand based on its progress, giving them more entertainment and expanding the map and other locations. Also, the game will introduce vivid 3D graphics, sketching the world with a special style, and at the same time giving players more enjoyable experiences when exploring or having fun around the city.


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: Compared to other games in the franchise, Chinatown Wars has a different control style and limits the entire control mechanism to classic top-down. You can say that Chinatown Wars is the predecessor of GTA 3D, so it possesses many elements that are classic and familiar to everyone.

GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK v1.04 + OBB (Menu/Unlimited Money) 2021

In contrast, the game’s control mechanism becomes more flexible and dynamic, giving players new experiences when exploring the city or interacting with NPCs. Moreover, the control mechanism will vary depending on the type of vehicle the player is using. Even some units will have special features for the player to destroy the city.


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: Compared to other games, Chinatown Wars focuses on the player’s interaction with the world, making everything more real and alive. Every time players break into locked cars, they need to twist or use professional techniques to operate. Not only cars, but the player can hijack almost anything, and they will always have quick-time events for the player to interact with. Of course, if the player fails in those events, they need to reset everything from scratch, even locked permanently, and look elsewhere.


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: Chinatown Wars is a simple sandbox game, but it will have a separate storyline for players to progress with the world and unlock new content. Through the storyline, players will learn more about the origin of the fighting, even discover secrets about themselves through conversations.

The most impressive thing is the game’s story-telling, creating excitement and depth in each character and making players face everything with special emotions. Furthermore, quests will always appear scattered all over the map, and players need to move around and interact with them to receive more quests.


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: The world of Chinatown Wars is built on a large scale and full of creativity and is a great opportunity for players to discover new content and experience them. Furthermore, the game not only focuses on the main storyline, but at the same time, will introduce everyone to the side-quest, but special activities and giant events that frequently occur in this game.

All contents are made to become richer and more motivated for players to roam around the city and provoke police or other gangs in the city. By continuously destroying everything, the player can unlock hidden achievements, and from there, immerse in the glory of destruction.


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: Chinatown Wars was originally developed on the platforms of the old generation. It comes with many outstanding features for players to experience the best gameplay when welcomed to the mobile platform.

Moreover, the game also allows players to connect to various BT controllers, giving them a more flexible control experience than ever. The BT controller and the touch screen control can be customized and diversified, giving users many options to design their control style and changing the character’s interaction with the world.
GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK v1.04 + OBB (Menu/Unlimited Money) 2021
GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK: Chinatown Wars is a great game for sand-box adventure enthusiasts but with a top-down style. Furthermore, it is also a special doorway to welcome players to the Western underworld, where everything uses violence to gain fame, power, wealth, and more. If you love games with a special style and want to explore a large world, the game will be the perfect choice for you to enjoy.


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