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Granny 1.7.9 APK + MOD (God Mode) Download for Android

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Name Granny
ID com.dvloper.grannychaptertwo
Category Arcade
Version 1.1.9
Size 88M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Granny Mod APK: Lots of love, care, lovingness, food comes in your mind if you think about the word Granny. A quick image of our grandma comes in our mind, who narrates different stories about vampires, old houses, and the tale about older adults. But in this game, nothing will be happening like this; all these thoughts changed into Granny Mod APK. Now, whenever you think about Granny, the first image that comes in mind is Granny Mod APK.

Granny MOD APK v1.7.9

Granny MOD APK v1.7.9 (Frozen Enemies) Download Android 2021

It is an Indian horror game developed by a leading organization of India known as a developer. With a lot of frightening levels, it contains very fantastic themes. As we known people like to watch horror movies, that’s why they are addicted to this mod. The whole game is designed according to the gamer’s point of view. Granny Mod APK contains many series, and these series include many horror shots to play.

Granny MOD APK Information

Granny horror game online free is a game specially designed for children who love their Granny. Granny is nothing except an older woman who lived in the two-level house. Granny (doesn’t see anything but can hear everything) will move around the whole house and will find out what’s wrong happening. While playing the game, your most important duty is to move away from home.

Find the keys and escape from Granny, open the front door, and within the five days run away from the house. But keep in mind, she doesn’t see you, but if she hears, anything you must need to run away from Granny and hide insecure place. Horror house contains a lot of Racks, Beds, Tables, Drawers, Playhouses, and many other things to hide.


In the start of the game, you will be a prisoner, and the murder granny wants to kill you in any case. Granny will lock you in a room, and you have only five days to run away from the house. If you fail, on the six-day, the Granny will kill you.

Granny MOD APK v1.7.9 (Frozen Enemies) Download Android 2021

Your house is vast enough that you need a lot of time to find keys and unlock the door. There are many secrets doors automatically locked after some time. You need some special keys to open them. Outside the house, some old cars and vehicles are in the parking area. These were your parent’s cars who came to stay in this house, and Granny killed them with pitilessness. If you successfully find out the keys and open doors, then you need a car to escape from the house. But remember some rules you still need some things to unlock the main gate and car. Collect these things and open the main door first; start your vehicle before the Granny hears the noise.

Without any noise, move the car outside of the house. But the second option is to kill the Granny, but you don’t kill him forever, just for some time. After some time, he will be alive and will start to follow to murder you.

Granny Mod Apk Best Features:

Granny Mod APK provides you a lot of features discussed below:

  1. High-quality graphics

To giving a real touch to the game, we provide high-quality graphics. With 3D graphics and a high-quality image, you feel like you are moving to a real horror house. You can see everything is clear and easy to understand in the game. Mainly use this feature for people who are horror games lovers. It doesn’t affect your eyesight.

  1. Escape from the house

For saving your life, the best option is available there that you can escape from the house. Before the Granny finds you and kills you, unlock all the doors, get the car and move away from home. The horror house and murderer Granny has murdered your parents, and you need to run away from her. You have five days to escape from the house, so don’t waste them and run away.

  1. God Mode Available

God Mode means some extra hidden features to unlock the cars, house, money, open the main doors, and get tools. Many God Modes are available on Play Store, but to download the God Mod, firstly uninstall the Granny Mod APK from your Smart Phone. This Mode will provide you some extra features and extra tools moreover extra chances to stay alive after the Granny will kill you.

  1. Good quality Music

In any case, music plays a very paramount role; without music, we quickly get bored. Granny Mod APK provides you entertainment, fun as well as good quality music. Because the music house looks like horror, the creepy sound increases your curiosity that anything would happen in the next moment.

  1. User friendly

Granny Mod APK (God Mod) provides you much entertainment. Gamers relax while playing the game. Moreover, it keeps your mind fresh so that you don’t get bore. Some games are very tricky and lengthy that the user feels exhausted from it. But this is user friendly and according to the gamers’ viewpoint.

  1. Designed for horror game lovers

Generally, people love horror movies, and they want to experience it, so we are here to provide you fantastic adventure. This game is designed for horror movies and game lovers. Now it is becoming trendy in these days; folks are crazy about this game.

  1. Interactive control

Granny Mod APK has some advanced features; one of them is interactive control. It provides some guidelines, options, extra powers, and conventional devices to run this application. You can control the whole game easily without connecting an external device to your smartphone.

  1. Test your talent

This game is designed for you so that you can test your talent. Granny Mod APK tells you how much ability you have to survive in the game, your strength for completing the tasks.

  1. Kill the Granny

It’s much challenging to escape from the house, so granny horror game online free provides you the opportunity to kill the Granny for some time. Before the Granny comes in a sense, you will find out keys and extra things to unlock the cars and gate. Granny knows all the secret paths and doors, and he will catch you if he is alive. It’s necessary to kill the Granny to keep yourself safe. Otherwise, you will be destroyed.

  1. Easy to play

Granny Mod APK is quite easy to play, no need to use any software for downloading its new versions are game upgradation. You download it from Google Play and start playing for fun. Many updated versions are available on the Play store. If you want to unlock the house, cars, and main gate, you download the hacked version of the Granny Mod APK.

Download Granny Mod APK:

Although it is much easy to download the Granny Mod APK and also it is available on Google Play. But if you want to run this application without any damage, then follow some easy steps.

Granny MOD APK v1.7.9 (Frozen Enemies) Download Android 2021

  1. Download the application from the play store or the internet.

  2. Before installing it, go to settings, security, and administrator, enable all unknown resources.

  3. Install Granny Mod APK and open it from your home screen.

  4. No need to Login or enter any personal information.

  5. Just ready to start your adventure.


In this game, a fantastic feature is added known as God Mode. By using this mod, you can unlock everything. It is for your interest and easiness, if you think your performance is quite slow throughout the game then use this Mode and get unlimited everything—Granny Mod(God Mode) with luridness and also a lot of fun. Don’t wait for any moment; download the Granny Mod APK to play.


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