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GB Instagram Mod Apk v5.3 Download – For Android 2022

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Name GB Instagram
Publisher GB Instagram
Category GB Instagram Apk
Category Social
Version 5.3
Size 40MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

                              GB INSTAGRAM

Gb Instagram apk is a popular mod version of the official Instagram app. The updated version for 2022 is available for free download here. It  is a fantastic and well-received Instagram mod app. GB Instagram offers a lot more fascinating features, like the ability to download media files, preview photos, copy media file links, apply custom colors and themes, and much more. Even! In GB Instagram, many new features are still being added.


The popularity of Gb Insta as a useful software is growing by the day. Because the contributors contributed numerous interesting innovations and improvements that quickly became well-known, as well as regularly improving their existing features. The gbinsta app is trusted by millions of individuals who use it on a daily basis.


In the current version 2022 of Gb Instagram, there are a slew of new features. As a result, the Gb version is becoming increasingly popular. However, based on my personal experience, I gave an honest assessment of each feature. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it.


Media Files Downloading

On Instagram, we occasionally have trouble finding our favourite media assets. Because we never have full access to our device’s storage to preserve our favourite media files. As a result, the GB Insta offers a built-in multimedia downloader.

It is quite simple to save multimedia files on our Android storage, such as short films and images, in the Gb version. There is also no need to introduce any third-party software. To open the menu list at the top of the media file, simply tab on the three-dot icon. Additionally, select the GB option and then press to download.

 Sneak peek at the media file

Because the official Instagram does not allow us to preview photographs in full screen, we are unable to do so using the official version. However, it offers a preview option. This allows you to download and view the uploaded image in its original quality  in full screen.

Simply select any movie or image by clicking the three-dot list icon at the top. Then select GB from the drop-down menu and select Preview. The media file will then be opened in full-screen mode.

Supported by an external player

Instagram’s inability to make the media player visible to its users is an undesirable aspect. It also prevents us from using an external player to watch the video. But don’t worry, the new version of Instagram includes a feature that allows us to watch any video using another player.

Go to the Gb option by clicking on the three-dot at the bottom of the video. Now select your external player by clicking on the preview. After that, your external player will play the mp4 file. And take pleasure in it.

View story hidden

It’s a unique feature. In general, Instagram lets us see who is watching our stories. However, the new version of GB allows you to hide your profile. It means that you will be able to see the stories of your friends or strangers on Gb Insta. Your profile would then be hidden from the viewer list. It’s the most amazing aspect of it. We can check to see if we can enable this option anonymously by watching every user’s state.

Go to the settings menu by tapping on the profile symbol. Also, go to privacy and select the option to conceal view stories.


It’s the most recent feature included to Gb Instagram’s mod apk most recent update. This allows you to utilise many accounts on one device at one time. Users may be unable to use their other accounts at the same time without having to sign out. This functionality was added by the developer specifically for individuals who want to manage many accounts at the same time. A multi-account option is also included in the official edition. However, it will log you out of your first account while you switch to a new one.

Go to the navigation menu by on the profile symbol. Then go to account settings and log in using your alternate account.

Personalize Your Appearance

With GB Insta, you can personalize the look of your profile. This fantastic apk provides us with the ability to customize it. You may use this to change the design of your profile and apply a custom color to it. It allows us to use a variety of colors in your profile. It signifies that just the color of the head, body, or footer can be modified. It also comes with a lot of customizing options.

Download the GB version of Instagram

Instagram Gb 3.80 is the most recent version from 2022. This is currently operational on all currently active devices. In addition, Gb insta includes all of the features. In this version, you can also use the new external theme. Simply install it by clicking on the download link that is included with the download button below.

GB Instagram


Is the Gb Instagram apk available for free download?

Everyone can download it for free.

Is it safe to download the Gb Insta app?

It’s a social media app from a third-party developer. However, installing it on your smartphone is completely safe and secure.

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