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Game Booster Mod + Apk v4623u – (Game Launcher) 2022

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Name Game Booster
ID com.burakgon.gamebooster3
Publisher BGNmobi
Category Tools
Version 4623u
Size 14M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Game Booster

Game Booster helps achieve the performance advantage previously only available to the most skilled players. It does this by closing down background processes, clearing RAM, and increasing processing performance. That means you can keep all the Microsoft Windows Vista and XP features ready for when you need them, but turn them off when you are prepared to get down to serious business – gaming. GameBooster helps you play the latest games and takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. All systems go!

You created to optimise your PC to deliver better performance and more responsive gaming with the most recent PC games with the push of a button. Game Booster helps achieve the performance advantage previously accessible to the most technically minded gamers.

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It does this by updating the hardware drivers, downloading crucial gaming tools, altering the gaming settings of your System and defragmenting game directories, temporarily stopping background processes, clearing RAM, and increasing processing power.

Compatible with PunkBuster Cheating-Death and VAC and another anti-cheat program, Game Booster makes it simpler to play the latest games and elevates your gaming enjoyment to a whole new level. All systems work!

What are the game boosters that work on phones?

In recent times, the gaming market has seen massive growth due to the advancement of SOCs (System-on-Chip) and the introduction of graphics-intensive games. As a result, smartphone game boosters are now a must-have for those who want gamers who want to play games with more weight on low-cost devices. The booster applications perform diverse tasks like notification management to ensure focused gaming and background app management to improve performance, monitoring battery levels monitoring networks, and many more. In addition, some game boosters also enhance the connectivity to the web for faster response times to servers and more minor Pings when playing multiplayer games. Finally, call blocking is a great feature that ensures that nobody interrupts you while playing your favourite game.

game booster mod apk

How can game boosters function on PC?

Game boosters for PC mainly focus on freeing up memory to allow more performance. Some programs also optimize the game’s settings to ensure the highest performance on the hardware you have. Numerous background processes running on a PC are challenging to stop by yourself. Game boosters eliminate unneeded applications or procedures until the game is active. They also control notifications and allow you to concentrate on the game.

Critical Benefits of Game Booster:

Performance of Click Boosting Games Enhanced

Game Booster allows you to quickly and swiftly shut down background processes and unnecessary Windows services to improve your gaming experience and avoid conflicts and incompatibilities. With the revolutionary “Enhanced 3rd party technology for services identification” technique, Game Booster v2 can instantly detect and close than necessary background services.

game booster apk

Make your very own game box. Own Game Box New!

Create and manage your games inside a small box. Then, boost the game automatically using Game Booster v2 when launching.

Install the latest drivers, new!

PC gamers understand how important it is to update drivers for the most recent PC games. The latest version of Game Booster v2 keeps every game’s driver specialized for that game up-to-date, including drivers for audio and video cards.

Make use of the latest tools!

Game Booster v2 Simplifies and speeds up the downloading process and updates of games software like Ventrilo or Steam to give you a better gaming experience.

Fragments Game Files Enhanced

With the upgraded defragmentation engine, Game Booster v2 can rapidly defragment directories for games and files, making your games load faster and run more smoothly than ever before.

Modify the System to get the most out of your PC Performance!

Game Booster v2 can tweak your PC to get the most efficient PC and Internet speed in just one click.

Perfect Tune-up Game Settings New!

Adjust the mouse, keyboard, and game controllers that are specialized effortlessly

Interactive and Vibrant Interface New!

Game Booster is a vibrant design that will hit gamers at all levels. Its interface is also accessible for those who are new to computers.

Safe & Secure.

Game Booster will not increase the speed of your hardware. It is free of any malware, viruses, or adware.


Pros and Cons of using a Game Booster

Pros of using a Game Booster

There are many benefits to using the Game Booster, such as improved gaming performance and optimization of your System.

The cost for GPUs and various PC components has risen dramatically over the last few years. As a result, using the Game Booster has become cost-effective for an enjoyable gaming experience. In addition, it allows you to play with more focus with improved connectivity in multiplayer online games.

Cons of using a Game Booster

There isn’t a lot of green with Game Boosters since they’re known for making computers behave in unanticipated ways. Sometimes, they block essential processes that are part of the System, making the device less stable, and you could experience frequent crashes in this situation. Additionally, notifying and call blocking options are excellent to play with focus, but it is possible to not receive important notifications while playing. Finally, they shut down all unneeded background programs to stop processes such as uploads, downloads, and updates until the process is shut down.

However, Game Boosters significantly improve your gaming experience if you don’t turn them up to their maximum settings. Most system issues occur when you attempt to optimize your System with the game booster. First, however, let’s examine some of the most influential game boosters available for Android or PC:


What exactly is Game Booster, and how do I make use of it?

Game Booster to enhance the enjoyment of any game you’re playing. By watching how the game is running on your device and the use, Game Booster utilizes data on temp and RAM to adjust your settings to provide you with the most enjoyable game experience.

Game Booster may also assist you in maintaining your attention to the particular game that you’re enjoying. For example, while playing, you can turn off Bixby and the Edge panel and hide notifications to make sure you score that top score.

Do boosters for games improve FPS?

Maximize your FPS

Razer Cortex GAME BOSTER enhances the FPS of your computer through micromanaging. The performance of your Windows OS and non-essential applications with two different core modes, one of which blocks sleep mode on CPUs and another that allows your CPU to prioritize gaming.

Is Game Booster good for gaming?

Even if you think the game is running smoothly, trying a game booster can improve your gaming performance. Specific promoters will provide a more reliable internet connection. In contrast, others focus on ensuring that you have more memory available for games and getting the most out of your computer.

Is game booster safe to play PUBG?

However, doing that, the same applies to game boosters. In general, it is impossible. In all cases, gamers should avoid using any of these tools to a feasible extent. Utilizing these tools is not as good since it is impossible to tell whether the device alters or alters its information. It is simply not possible.

Is Smart game booster free?

The entire software can be downloaded and used free of cost. In addition, an intelligent Game Booster comes with an updater for your driver that can help you improve your audio and graphics driver software that will increase resolution and audio quality.


GameBoosters are an essential item for any gamer since they allow maximum performance from your gaming hardware. There are many ways that boosters enhance the game experience. For example, some increase your connectivity to your network. Some boost your rank in games such as League of Legends; some optimize the System’s resources for PC, while others offer the same functionality for Android.

Applications such as Razer Cortex or WTFast are fantastic to optimize your System and provide connectivity improvement and connectivity enhancement, respectively. It is also possible to use those Game Boosters for Android for the best gaming experience on mobile.

We’re sure that you’d like to test how well your phone is after using Game Boosters. But, first, look into our android benchmarking applications to determine the performance of your device.

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