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In the latest and most improved version of our football referee simulator you have access to real referees, players and teams. Do you love football then this is a must for you!Are you looking for authentic referee simulator game? Then you will love this one. This app can help you to become a professional referee. Just scroll down and click on “Play Game” to start the match.Do you want to be a lively and interesting football referee? Then try it!Basketball is a team sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court.Play a total field of referees, who use the FIFA rulebook.

Football Referee Simulator v2.46 APK

This will be your opportunity to become a professional football referee! On the pitch, you will be able to teach the rules and other situations used in professional games and begin if you are ready. Go from beginner to pro on your way through practice matches with different levels of difficulty. Become better at football games by playing this game!You are the referee in the ultimate Sunday game! Serve your fans with amazing power moves such as “Stop The Service, False Start, and Time OutThe most realistic real life football referee simulator.

Allows you to act as a real-life referee in your favorite team

The application allows you to act as a real-life referee in your favorite team’s matches, including league and cup games. It can be used as a training tool for learning how to become a ref and improve your performance.The only football referee simulator in the world that gives you a full experience of refereeing a game of soccer. You can get ready for the upcoming World Cup with the best FIFA referee simulator and become the best FIFA referee by practicing your skills against professional referees, who are selected to work at major competitions around the world.Get ready for the most realistic soccer game ever! This is a football simulation game, where you will be refereeing your favorite team.

create your own players and set their attributes

You can create your own players and set their attributes, which will affect how they play on the field. The best thing about this app is that there are no ads, which makes it more enjoyable to play as a referee in real life.Football Referee Simulator is a game, which can be fun and enjoyable. A lot of players enjoy this game, it’s a very good game to play, with different levels and you can get many points. If you like to play this game with your friends or family members then nobody will stop youFootball Referee Simulator is a simple yet addictive game that takes you outside of the stadium and into refereeing a real football match! It features many different levels, from League to International, with various stadiums and types of players.The football referee simulator is a fun game to keep you on your toes as you try and make all the right decisions in your refereeing career.

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