Fantasy Legion – Army Battler v1.83 MOD APK (Allways Win)

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Fantasy Legion is an amazing Role-playing Strategy game. You will need to protect your kingdom from many enemy’s attack. which you can do by recruiting various heroes and monsters. With different types of heroes and monsters, it makes the gameplay more interesting. A Role Playing Game for Android. Fantastic fantasy story, amazing graphics, addictive gameplay and more! Improve your gaming experience with real-time strategy (RTS) games. Fantasy Legion – Army Battler v1.83 MOD APK (Allways Win) is a strategic war game. You can use your resources to build up a huge army and defeat all the enemies. Show your point of view in this world of war and chaos!

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler v1.83 MOD APK

Download Fantasy Legion – Army Battler v1.83 MOD APK (Allways Win) Latest Version, Get it on Google Play Now! Fantasy Legion is a fun and engaging strategy game that’s all about building unstoppable power. Tap your troops to generate resources and upgrade your army with new abilities, from withering troop attacks to giant-scale special units. Fight your way to victory in this epic fantasy-themed sequel for the most addictive mobile strategy game on the market! Join the army of fantasy warriors and defeat enemies with powerups and magic. You have to prove that you are the strongest army in the world! Assemble your troops, protect your base and lead your troops to victory to fight against invaders.

Choose between 10 unique heroes

Choose between 10 unique heroes with different skills and strengths. Build a powerful army and show who is the King of Heroes! Welcome to Fantasy Legion! Join the epic battles between 2 armies in this real time strategy game! Build your own squad, upgrade your hero troops and learn new battle skills. You are up against legendary monsters, dangerous bosses, demonic hordes and powerful enemies. Look for rare items during the fights and earn gold for new equipment for all your teammates.

key Features of the game

  • The game is a quick progression management, in which you will have to manage a legion of soldiers.
  • The main objective of the game – to win battles and take over territory. As opposed to other management games, there is only one type of troops and buildings (the rest are hidden), there are no cards or chests, the game genre is specifically tailored for mobile devices – the battle system is simple and intuitive.
  • You will fight battles with AI opponents or against human players. At the beginning of each battle, you choose your soldiers and set their characters’ actions.
  • Explore the open world of Fantasy Legion as you battle against enemies and monsters around the world! Lay waste to hundreds of enemies with your superior tactics, and defeat powerful Boss Monsters for awesome loot!
  • – 100+ Units to Choose from, with hundreds more unlocked as you level up; – A huge variety of maps for you to fight on; – 3 Different Game Modes: Classic Warfare, Dungeon Mode and Race Mode; – Unique Milestones that give you special rewards and more characters!
  • – SINGLE PLAYER MODE – You can play the single player mode to get the best of your skills. Create a powerful army and fight against the enemies on your way. You have to be careful about what kind of skill you have!

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