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FairEmail is a unique messaging and communication app that was built in the style of a social network. You can log in and add contacts from your phone book, email or search. FairEmail 1.1989 MOD APK is a Pro Modded Edition, which has the following features: 1. Improved navigation bar; 2. Improved Animation while on swipe; 3. Smooth scrolling; 4. Emoji Scale Update; 5. New Background Music Now playing and 6. Fixed some small bugs; 7. Changed Settings Screen UI and 8. Option to get more props to unlock new features.


FairEmail v1.1989 MOD APK

The email service is a blend of cloud and satellite communication and is designed for fast and easy creation of any type of e-mail, including the use of mobile devices. The service is compatible with almost all types and platforms: Android, iOS and MacOS – for example. Email works perfectly on smartphones, laptops and tablets. FairEmail (formally known as FairEmail 5.19.12) is a cross-platform and open source email client that has been used by millions of users in over 180 countries. FairEmail is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.FairEmail is a messaging app that lets you communicate privately and securely with anyone, even if they don’t have your phone. It is also available on websites, email and text. FairEmail can be used to share photos, videos and documents as well as group chat.FairEmail is the best Email App, you can send and receive emails, photos, documents and many more files without internet. FairEmail has a lot of features which are not available in any other email application.


How its Works better

FairEmail gives you a better way to communicate, by giving you complete control of your email. With FairEmail, you can read and respond to all of your email on the go, with one-click responses. No more delays in getting updates from friends and family. FairEmail is a third-party email app for the Android device. This app is similar to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other email service providers; however it has extra features that help you manage your apps and contacts better. There are different options in FairEmail and the strategies are very interesting to create a better inbox. FairEmail is the first email service that focuses on privacy. It’s completely free, secure and best of all – it’s private. FairEmail is a web-based emailing application that allows you to send and receive email from any computer at your desk.

Access your full inbox on all your devices. No more juggling email in between devices.

Pro Features of FairEmail

FairEmail’s Pro Features are designed to help you manage your business email. FairEmail Mod Apk features. Unlocked – Minimum Requirements for FairEmail Mod Apk, 100% Working and Safe! FairEmail allows you to access your Gmail, Dropbox, and other cloud services directly in the app. There’s no need to log out of or restart your device – just start your messaging session, and it will automatically be connected to your Gmail account. FairEmail is a password manager that helps you keep track of your logins and passwords across all the services you use. It allows you to generate unique passwords for every account, so that no hacker can break into them with a single attack. FairEmail also manages your VIP accounts, financial information and other private data in one place.

Key points

Keep your Android device protected, secure and running smoothly with FairAds’ industry-leading security, privacy and performance technologies.

FairEmail is a free, open-source Android app to safeguard your email communications. It provides stronger encryption and a more private experience, at no cost.

Next Generation Video Chat App to complement your Facebook Video Call, Instant Messenger, and Google Hangouts.

FairEmail is an email client with features such as Exchange Protocol Support, SMTP Authentication, and Forwarding rules.

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