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Dungeon Squad is an online multiplayer army-building game for Android and iOS, where you can command a squad of (human) fightersDungeon Squad is an action game, developed by Com2uS, being published on the Android platform. The game has been critically acclaimed by users and is considered to be one of the best games in 2017. Players have plenty of things to do and fun things to experience with Dungeon Squad’s addictive gameplay and high replay value.

Dungeon Squad v0.93.3 APK + MOD

Dungeon Squad MOD APK is the newest version 0.93.3, which was released on the device. Choose the hero who is worthy of you to test his or her skills this adventure and head out on a journey like no other.Dungeon Squad MOD apk is a popular mobile game of strategy, which you will enjoy for the gameplay and graphics. The game has great potential and we are on our way to achieve that potential by updating the game with new features every month. You can also get Dungeon Squad APK from here,download it and play it on your android device.

Fast paced action game that combines RPG

This is a fast paced action game that combines RPG elements with shoot “em up action. You are a hero of the dungeon, level up your character, get new weapons and items, go on challenging missions and fight hordes of monsters. Play solo or online with your friends – this is not just a game, but an addiction for all of those who love to be in the middle of it allDungeon Squad is a multiplayer RPG with real-time combat that is easy to learn but challenging to master. Become a hero among the ranks and let your friends know who’s the best.

ommander of an entire dungeon squad

Ever wanted to be the commander of an entire dungeon squad? Dungeon Squad has you covered.Dungeon Squad is a Mobile Game that is part of the Dungeon category. It’s a popular game at some of the best genres including Action and Strategy. Dungeon Squad uses a version of the 2D side-scrolling view. You are in charge of building your own squad and leading it in battle against other players or AI enemies. After each battle, you will gain experience points and gold coins, which can be used to upgrade your troops’ abilities.Dungeon Squad is an action team-based arena strategy game played by two to five players. You must lead your squad through a variety of dungeons, which contain randomized enemies and special treasures. Teamwork between players is crucial to victory, as each member has special abilities that can be used to handle enemies or seek out new paths through the dungeon.

combines the fast-paced combat,

Dungeon Squad is an action role-playing game that combines the fast-paced combat, intuitive controls and careful planning of hack and slash games with the frantic dungeon crawling and treasure hunting of classic roguelikes.Dungeon Squad lets you bring the joy of your PC games on the go. With a complete library of 100+ titles, including heavyweights like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends, Dungeon Squad gives you limitless mobile gaming. Plus with cloud saving and cross-device sync it’s easy to pick up your progress wherever you happen to be.Dungeon Squad is an action-packed 3-D turn based dungeon crawler game where you build a town and train fighters to venture into dangerous dungeons.

Choose your enemies carefully

Choose your enemies carefully because your army is dependant on your ability to beat them. Seek out the right upgrades to make your men even stronger, but also beware of making mistakes as it will cost you dearly in gold.Dungeon Squad is a real-time co-op game where, you and your friends take on the role of dungeon managers and battle for control over a dungeon, located deep under the earth. You can create multiple different dungeons with their own unique challenges and environments, including different layouts, treasure rooms, traps to deal with adventurers who wander into your domain and many other types of monsters.

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