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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK v4.6.0 (One Hit/God Mode) Download 2022

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Name Dragon Ball Legends
ID com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww
Category Fighting
Category RPG
Version 3.7.0
Size 500MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Dragon Ball Legends (MOD APK, OneHit/Menu/Challenges Completed) is a high-paced fighting game combined with eye-catching visuals based on a popular series of the same name.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, it’s impossible to miss the distinctive anime that people will be amazed by. One of the most popular international hit shows can be described as Dragon Ball. The story revolves around son Goku’s adventure with his friends. In the same way it is impossible to miss the stunning battle scenes with the show’s renowned abilities. If you’re a lover of Dragon Ball and are looking for a game that will entertain you that you can’t afford to miss, then don’t forget the Dragon Ball LEGENDS game that is stunning in 3D gameplay.


Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: If you start playing Dragon Ball Legends, everybody will be amazed by the features that this game offers. One of the things we could refer to is the gorgeous graphics that everyone will be able to enjoy. The game is filled with beautiful images that will be loved by all since it lets them experience the world of popular anime. In the same way, familiar characters again appear before the player , and trigger an appeal to go on a journey.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: With familiar brushstrokes, every player will be able to recognize characters from the collection of game titles from the movie. So, it’s completely uniform and can you to enjoy this film. In the same way it’s not just the pictures but also the experiences that the viewers gradually gain access to. Since then the transformation into my favorite characters isn’t far off.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK v3.7.0 (One Hit/God Mode) Download

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: The game the players are able to observe characters from a different perspective. The two characters will face one another. The player is able to move and strike at the opponent. In the same way this view is capable of seeing the stunning abilities and the attacks of the character that the player controls. Thus, they are completely engaged in the game and the games which this game provides. It is a continuous game to the next.


Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers players a unique perspective to capture the numerous moments between two characters. However moving the character’s motion is very simple for a lot of gamers. Every operation can be accomplished using simple gestures, such as tapping, swipes, and swiping. any smartphone user can perform this. However, it is done it is a very simple game to play, however, it also needs the use of reflexes.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: The player must make the distance shorter or longer against the opponent , in order to determine the most effective attack strategy. If you’re standing close to the opponent, your character will strike and kick the opponent or when you’re from a distance it will be possible use energy balls. While doing this players improve their movements and become more agile during various matches. Don’t forget to take note of the special attacks or other effective combinations.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: In addition to the standard attacks, you’ll be able see the circular bar, which has an additional stat. The stat is known as Ki which can be utilized to make strong attacks in cards. Each card uses a particular Ki energy. You can increase the amount of Ki you need by getting up. This can be accomplished through pressing the button and holding it the button for some time for the strength to grow automatically. Then it is possible to see the same effect when it is used in conjunction with Super Saiyan aura.


Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: The cast includes characters that every player would want to know and meet the needs of everyone who loves this series. The players will be able to reunite the characters from the series like DBZ, DBGT, and DBS. However, these characters are not just principal characters, but also well-known villains such as Frieza and Cell. Thus, finding characters with a strong character is crucial.


Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: If you find the character you’re looking for, the next step is not only watching them, but also bringing them into intense battles. In the same way, the battles will be more difficult that require gamers to possess the ability to win. One of the things everyone needs is to increase the strength of every player. It’s a process which requires lots in time, effort and energy.


Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK: Dragon Ball Legends provides the most accessible game experience that everyone will enjoy. In addition the players will be absorbed completely in the world of Dragon Ball and take part in gorgeous games. They will also be able to avoid the stunning combos that each character can display. This game will provide you with a fun moment of entertainment and experience.


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