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Dead Target Mod Apk v4.83.0 (Unlimited Money and Diamond)

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Name Dead Target
ID com.vng.g6.a.zombie
Category Action
Version 4.69.0
Size 160M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

It is an FPS (First-person Shooter) game, and very popular on google play store. Dead Target Mod APK is a popular game with more than 50 million downloads; it is a very attractive game for those who want to crush zombies. Players enjoy playing Dead Target Mod APK because of quality graphics and game plan; you will not feel any ambiguity on this game interface.

DEAD TARGET (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Money)

Dead Target MOD APK v4.58.0 (Unlimited Gold/Money) Download 2021 It is a thrilling game, and amazingly you can download it for free. To spoil zombies and make time entertaining while playing, most peoples want a hack version of the game; if you are one of those, then you are in the right place. You can get the advantage of to download dead target hack apk.

Dead Target MOD APK Information

What is the game plan?

In the scenario of this game, world war III is happening in 2040. In this age, technologies are advance, and defiance minister of state made a strategy to win the war. A project is initiated named as the dead target so that he signed an agreement with MZ Company. The objective was to transform prisoners and soldiers into zombies and use them against other countries, but unfortunately, MZ violated the agreement and activated this disease in a city to test it.

Now the world is near destruction due to this disease. On the other hand, a task force is made to limit the disease and gain information about it. All world wants to control it, but now it is not limited to one city it is spreading over the world. And zombies have destroyed special task force, only you and agent M survived. You have to survive until new reinforcement, and you have to save agent M. to keep fighting with zombies to save the world.


Dead Target MOD APK v4.58.0 (Unlimited Gold/Money) Download 2021

Thrilling game

In this game, you have to kill the frightening zombies. There are different tactics present to kill the zombies. After each level, the next level has more difficulty than the previous level. It makes the game more interesting. Moreover, sound effects and music helps to make more thrilling and freighting for players


This game contains exciting weapons to kill the zombies with different features. At the early stages, you can pass the level with a pistol and rifle, but you need upgraded weapons at higher stages. There is are a verity of modern guns you can use because zombies are unpredictable. There are snipers, launchers, machine guns, and many more. These tools are helpful to cross levels in this game.

Battle Ground

In FPS games, battel ground has much importance; especially, it is a zombie game; only thrill-seekers want to play this game. So that its battleground is well designed in such a way dark background with frightening effects, which makes it more thrilling and horror for the player, it has a perfect battleground.

Gold or cash

In this dead target hack apk, you have unlimited coins or cash; you don’t need to suffer for it. Using coins or cash, you can buy modern weapons. You can utilize these weapons to crush zombies; it is very entertaining while playing the game.


Game graphic quality is essential to make it attractive for players, due to its amazing graphics, it is a top-quality FPS zombie game. Graphics include dark background frightening graphics matters a lot for thrill-seekers. Additionally, its horror sound makes its graphics horror for players.


Keep fighting against the zombies and protect the frontline. Don’t let the zombies enter the subway; furthermore, keep yourself safe against zombie attacks because they are very unpredictable, try to shot on their heads. You have to survive until reinforcement from SWAT.


How to download the game dead target?

Click on download link given on, downloading may take time. Make sure a good internet connection to save time (WIFI Recommended). If downloading is completed, go to settings and go to security settings, allow unknown sources, and enable it.

What is the installation process for the dead target APK?

Dead target hack apk will be installed manually. After downloading click on the install button, it will take time according to your device performance. Once the installation process is completed, you can now open the game and start playing it.

Is dead Target available for IOS users?

Yes, it is available for both android and IOS users. IOS users can download this game from the App store.

Dead target hack apk safe to play?

It is safe to play the game if you have to download the right Mod apk file. In case you downloaded the wrong apk file, your data is at risk. Be careful while downloading the apk file.

What are the pros & cons of Dead Target?

Pros: it is a very entertaining game with quality graphics and sound effects. There is a verity of weapons you can utilize against zombies. It is very thrilling and exciting to play this game. Cons: one significant drawback is players have to face zombies on the frontline and minimal mobility of players; this may be irritating for players. Like other games, movement should be enhanced. Dead Target MOD APK v4.58.0 (Unlimited Gold/Money) Download 2021


The dead target apk mod is one of the best zombie games all over the world. The most significant feature of this game is that it can be played offline so that you can play at any time in any place. It can be applied to any android device. Dead target game has few points or rules that make the game more exciting and terrifying. In my opinion, it is a full doze entertainment. Dangers and the targets in this game make you feel that you are personally in the game; it makes feel player exciting and adventurous. It is the best zombie game by fps.


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