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This is a lottery mod apk, and you can use it to support us. You can get unlimited stamina, unlimited HP/AP and many other things. It also allows you to spend more gold than you have in the game.Day R Survival is an action game where you need to survive in the modern world.The story begins when a nuclear accident has caused a catastrophic disaster that places the city into darkness and restriction.The whole population was evacuated, but you have decided to stay behind. Now the only thing that remains is to explore the place and find everything needed to survive and win!Day R Survival is a combo of base management, friends and enemies formula.

Day R Survival v1.734 MOD APK

The game itself looks simple – you have a farm and need to grow food and survive in a world full of monsters. But it’s not as easy as it seems! Day R Survival has an RPG-style combat system, where you get skills and equipment, which will help you survive in harsh conditions, complete quests and build your base better than all others.Day R Survival is a sandbox survival game combining sandbox, RPG and first person shooter elements. Plan your first camp before you set out on an epic journey to find the resources you need to survive. Enjoy breathtaking visuals, atmospheric sounds and music and challenging gameplay!

Unlimted Caps, Free Craft

Days Survival v1.734 MOD APK (Unlimted Caps, Free Craft) – Days is a new game that takes us on an adventure through the world of war. As we already know DayZ has not been safe for a long time and now there have been additional zombies added to the game by the developers of this great survival game. In order for us to combat this threat, we need three things: food, water and medicine! So, let’s do everything with those ingredients so that we can survive in the ongoing war zone!Day R Survival is a fantastic simulation game for the survival genre. It presents an incredible world of a post-apocalyptic world with huge areas and amazing gameplay!Day R Survival is a survival game.

supposed to survive until the end of the day

You are supposed to survive until the end of the day, but it does not happen that easily. Other than dealing with attacks from wild animals and other humans, you also…Roadmap:Day R Survival is a game that puts you in the shoes of other people. A person who is trying to survive the end of the world.You’ll need to find food, shelter, water and above all become stronger so you can fight against zombies, bandits and even other survivors. It has a deep RPG system that makes it feel like an engaging experience.Day R Survival is a fun game based on a zombie apocalypse scenario. You will have to fight zombies, raid other bases, collect resources, craft and build items that are needed to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.Survival is one of the most complex topics on earth. A person must know how to survive by interacting with nature and taking advantage of it, so that the survival can be carried out without having any difficulties.

people who want to learn these skills

There are some people who want to learn these skills and this game provides an excellent platform for them. In order to learn and practice for survival, you should be sure about your skills and how much you can improve their level.If you ever dreamed of an endless survival game, get ready to cultivate crops and animals at the same time. The daily survival RPG takes you back in time to a post-apocalyptic world where each action can lead you to success or failure. Manage your wealth and become a powerful leader in this action RPG based on building your own production chain. Fight hostile animals and humans, collect resources, build buildings, trade goods and survive during this real-time strategy game.”’

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