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Dashero: Archer Sword 3D Mod APK v0.0.22 (MOD, Unlimited money)

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Name Dashero: Archer
ID com.trefle.dashero
Category Action
Version 0.0.24
Size 140M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Sword fighting game is one of the most well-known games today. Together with the love and in line with the trend, an increasing number of game makers have introduced many attractive games.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK v0.0.21 (Unlimited Money) 2021

In it, it is impossible to not mention Dashero — Archer Sword 3D is exceptionally famous and too knowledgeable about players today. If everybody is curious and does not understand the particulars of the sport, please observe this guide will help you answer each of the questions.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Dashero is an adventure role-playing game also allows gamers to utilize sword abilities and skillful magical. The game was developed by and attracted tens of thousands of gamers daily access into the game stores. With everyone’s love, the manufacturer has gradually upgraded the game into the best model for everyone people experience and explore together.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Presently , this game is distributed on Google Play for free, enabling users to install it on the device very conveniently and easily without spending some money. Users tremendously appreciate it with this platform, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. So to say that this sport is scorching and constantly at the forefront of the world fashion.


Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: When participating in the game Dashero, players will enjoy watching monsters with various shapes. In a world full of disasters, including evil monsters and dangerous animals, there is something striking about a hero who will wield his own with just a sword and magical. But, of course, each monster is not the same power that we want a way to battle.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK v0.0.24 (Unlimited Money) 2021

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Moreover, after every play, the monsters evolved to a new level with exceptional powers. Along with this, the quantity of health and energy increased, the motions will also be more varied, so the player must be cautious in each challenge. But you also have a fixed amount of health, and if attacked, the gym will decrease. And the HP pub to 0 prior to killing all monsters means you’ve lost.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: For the images of the game Dashero — Archer Sword 3D — Offline Arcade Shooting, this game has its eye-catching 3D animated images. The design of this character and the monsters are cute. The battle scenes are also not bloody or horror. Thanks to that, this game is completely acceptable for both children. The combat scenes are also a factor in this sport; the magic moves are magnificent to aid players possess a very gratifying experience.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Gamers join the battle today to play the match with remarkable graphics. Moreover, power up yourself, lead the most potent strikes, and defeat evil monsters and monsters of this era in this addictive 3D activity roguelike offline game. Of course, the figures generated are also diverse and vibrant, with several distinct pictures through each different game screen.


Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Dashero has breakthrough features, always giving players smooth features for players toexperience totally. In this game, you will be transformed to a hero with powerful physical and magical strength. In the first match, your character can only swing his sword to kill enemies. When passing a match screen, the machine will display the abilities that can be discovered and updated on the monitor.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: Additionally, players can play with features like gun shooting games and play in a powerful roguelike style, adventure in the same time the exceptional combat system of Sword and Magic team. Beautiful and perfect 3D effects of world design which will make the player most fulfilled. The carefully constructed and eye-catching character designs are carefully designed, aesthetic with unique and one of a kind fighting abilities. Finally, of course, you will be perceived for yourself the abilities of using swords and significant spells.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK v0.0.24 (Unlimited Money) 2021

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod APK: An exciting and equally intriguing match, right? Believe that when you join the game, you’ll never be let down. Even more, people state that the cost is called this match earlier. Coming to the sport, you will accumulate the most vital skill and fight as if your life is dependent upon it. Try this addictive and fantastic sport for free and enjoy your leisure time as you’ve never achieved before.


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