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Cartoon Wars MOD APK v1.1.7 (Infinite Coins) for Android Download 2022

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Name Cartoon Wars
Publisher GAMEVIL
Category Arcade
Version 1.1.7
Size 25M
Price FREE
Requires Android 2.3 and up+

Cartoon Wars MOD APK: Cartoon Wars – If someone asks us what made us feel the most fascinating as a child Perhaps the answer is always animated? In reality, I am also a fan of animated films, up until now. They are clear, entertaining humorous and provide me with enjoyable moments. In many cases, I wish to live in this world and be able to live in peace with the characters I love, and then could live a full and happy life. But , I also believe that the characters from the cartoons aren’t in peace anymore. And what happens among them, they go to be war? Let me investigate the story of the war through Cartoon Wars!


Cartoon Wars MOD APK: Cartoon Wars tells the story of the battle between characters from the world of animation. The primary gameplay in this game is survival. The player is immersed in the world of cartoons and engage in battle with other players like the well-known PUBG game that is played today. Once you’ve made your character, you will need to find an area to play in, and after all, there are 30 players, will be transported to a huge city.

Cartoon Wars MOD APK v1.1.7 (Infinite Coins) for Android Download

Cartoon Wars MOD APK: There, you will find the equipment and weapons needed to be prepared for the coming fight. All over the ground are weapons and ammunition, armor and food items to help the player replenish energy. When you arrive you should try to collect items quickly, and then go to shelter from the gaze of other players. Otherwise, you’ll soon lose.

Cartoon Wars MOD APK: In each battle, there are 30 participants, and a maximum of five minutes per. The participants must meet one another to fight in the hope of being the last survivor. In addition, during that period, the boarder’s security rings shrinks constantly and the player must remain within, else he’ll be sprayed with poison gas and suffer the loss of his life. In the end, as a player is successful, they gain valuable rewards, and the opportunity to advance their game and earn bonuses for purchasing additional things.

Cartoon Wars MOD APK v1.1.7 (Infinite Coins) for Android Download

Cartoon Wars MOD APK: The game features a range of characters from cartoons that are unique with distinct shapes and formidable fighting abilities. Every time you progress and earn battle points that allow you to develop new techniques. Each character comes with a total of five skills, and there are hundreds of characters you can choose from. Explore their individual capabilities!

Sum up

Cartoon Wars MOD APK: All in all, Cartoon Wars is a exciting survival game that is currently being played by gamers who are very light with only 35MB of memory. Graphics are compressed using 2.5D blocks, similar to the Minecraft game, however the motion processing used in the game is extremely smoothand does not suffer from the 3D graphics quality. The game’s gameplay is highly rated and it is possible to display your skills at fighting by using the characters’ combos. Are you able to conquer the battlefield?


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