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Date Sim is an awesome simulator game, that gives you a chance to get a real date! Campus: Date Sim is an exciting and enjoyable social adventure game. Experience life as a new grad, gain skills, experience love… and try to avoid being murdered by your classmates. Campus: Date Sim v2.62 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a free mobile game that was developed and published by Jogos de java on 5 August 2018. Campus: Date Sim v2.62 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) belongs to the category Role Playing and has been downloaded more than 5000 times by our users, which says a lot about this top-rated application from our website.

Campus: Date Sim v2.62 MOD APK

The current version of the app is 2.62 and the last update was on 05-08-2018. Welcome to Campus: Date Sim 2.62, the best dating sim for android on the market! Download Campus: Date Sim 2.62 – Unlimited Money and Roll out with unlimited coins, buy objects and facilities to help you date your way through London! Unbounded by time or money! It is also available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow us there as well. Campus Online is a Simulation game, develop your character and become a pro player of your favorite sport. Meet your new best friend.

Join a new school and build your campus

Campus: Date Sim 2 is the most famous simulation game in which you will play with girls and have fun! This is a really fun game! You will be the head of the school in this game. Join a new school and build your campus. Work on developing your character and study hard! Campus: Date Sim is a Japanese dating simulation game developed by Gamious (Dai Nana). The player takes the role of a high school student named Arika, who attends a small rural school in the countryside. One day, Arika and her best friend Hitomi are invited to visit their friend Seiji at his family’s mansion.

Manages to sneak out through a window

However, Seiji has recently been hospitalized due to an accident with his phone. Because he has been in a coma for days, messages won’t reach him and he can only reply through text. He has also lost his voice, so he can’t make calls either. After introducing themselves, Seiji asks them to gather around for a picnic; however, a bad storm prevents them from going outside but Arika manages to sneak out through a window after seeing one of her classmates locked inside the room from which she just escaped. Out in the hallway, she runs into another student who can unlock it for her as thanks for looking after someone on campus; this student turns out to be Sensei. He says that there’s going to be some sort of sport coming up soon and if they participate they will receive good conduct points that can be used later when they go on dates!

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