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Name Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission
ID com.jssygp.bulletangel&hl=en
Category Action
Size 500MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M is a sport produced based on the cell FPS system manufactured by Xshot. This is a stunning gunfight action game with a third-person perspective.

Xshot Mission APK

the FPS Mobile game is a contemporary multi-style genre with many unique features. If you’re a person who likes to take part in these exciting experiences, then this match will be the right selection for you; see helpful info to know more about this particular game.


Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: The sport is inspired and has similar content to the timeless game Xshot, but it seems to be recreated with a completely new look with more rich content and significantly improved features. With more diverse and high-quality content, the game has lots of the components you need and can be played on your PC or your cell phone. That’s why, even though it’s been in existence for a long time, the game keeps its popularity in Southeast Asia.

In Bullet Angel, there’s quite familiar gameplay since it has not been changed much in the older game X Shot. To achieve the greatest ranking target, you must pay attention to the ideal strategies with your abilities and experience. Otherwise, you have to train hard. Additionally, the game also includes classic maps like Aden Army Warehouse, The Ancient City of Loulan, together with many other unique elements that promise to attract exciting experiences.


Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: Besides varied content, Bullet Angel also has fairly straightforward gameplay. The game includes two chief modes that are bomb mode and duel mode. To unlock all ways in the game, you need to win many battles. To do this, an individual must slaughter and defeat opponents to get the maximum score quickly by flexibly using weapons and knowing each function of bullets and firearms during the battle.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK v1.4.9.02 (Global) Download 2021

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: Aside from the key modes, you can also play the traditional mummy mode. You must secure your own life and limit being hurt by these mummies, or you will be turned into a mummy soon after. So use the perks while battling, combine approaches and weapon abilities to conquer all challenges in this temple.


Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: Bullet Angel is improved with a number of outstanding features, serving the highest needs of gamers. An innovative ranking system updates the game to have the ability to claim your title. Find your true love in the sport.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: Besides, you’ll also find many elements like Mummy-Hero, a brand new element introduced to the game in the process of playing. Or if you have low HP or are in dangerous circumstances which are close to death, go dancing parties, make a random dancing move; this is extremely useful for you since it will be able to help you recover your HP and strike your enemies by surprise with higher power than ever before.


Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: The game is made with a simple interface, together with easy-to-use controls which make it easy for you to fix at your fingertips. What’s more, it’s optimized for maximum capacity, making your playing process quite smooth with higher sensitivity without a stutter or lag. In addition, the main attraction of the game is the wide choice of maps and modes; there is also the Regen HP feature that helps players have more varied emotions.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK v1.4.9.02 (Global) Download 2021

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: What likely attracts players is the high quality graphic layout, the character creation with a modern style, suitable for the ages and times. In addition, they are also depicted in a very sensible way, like you are watching a real 3D movie. The sport also has a multitude of costumes and equipment for you to pick from based upon the terrain, and also you have the right to personalize any sort of outfit you like to your personality.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission Mod APK: Bullet Angel has fully compelling content along with exceptional features and a multitude of other exciting elements which combine to produce a fantastic match, which explains why it is always highly valued by users.


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