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Block Puzzle Mod Apk v1.2.29 – (Unlimited Money/Ad Free)

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Name Block Puzzle
Publisher Mindmill Puzzle Games
Category Puzzle
Version 1.2.29
Size 21M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and up+

                              BLOCK PUZZLE

Block Puzzle apk is a fun, easy-to-learn game that will stretch your intellect and make your fingers fly. From an easy and brain activating puzzles to compulsive challenges like Tetris, we have everything you need in a free and colorful block puzzle game!block puzzle

The basic principle of the traditional grid-based puzzle is simple: arrange pieces on the board to correctly and fill up the rows, lines, and grids. Make sure there are no gaps! Fill in the board by dragging and dropping colorful pieces one by one. When a line is full, the blocks go off and are collected, and new ones fall onto the grid! Continue to play until all of the blocks on the screen have been filled and blasted. It’s a good thing the struggle never ends!

This block game has something for everyone, regardless of your preference for fun free or blocks puzzles games! It’s up to you whether you want to play for fun or become a pro. In either case, a classic and addicting blocks puzzle game is waiting to challenge and surprise you every day!


·         It’s completely free for playing.

·         Save your work and returned later.

·         It’s simple to play at any time and any location.

·         Stunning jewel-themed scene

·         Never stop challenging yourself. Continue to try to beat your previous high score and set a new one.

·         Themes are available in two variations: light and dark. With a single click, you may alter the mode to take in diverse settings.

·         There are no time constraints and no requirement for WiFi.

Varieties of Block Puzzle mod Apk

Puzzle with Sliding Blocks

It’s a mix-and-match puzzle. Flat pieces already on the board are shifted around to create a particular configuration. Finding available roads and ways for a block to move is an important component of the game. It may produce a letter, number, or picture when completed, similar to Griddler and Jigsaw puzzles. For example, Sokoban

block puzzle.1

Puzzle of Falling Blocks

It includes players maneuvering items that descend from the peak of the screen into a certain position. For example, Tetris

Increasing the Number of Blocks in the Puzzle

From one or more sides, the pieces of the puzzle block increase. The player attempts to keep puzzle pieces from reaching the other side of the block. For example, Zumma

Advantages of Puzzling Game of Blocks
Improved Skills to Tackle Problems

Playing block puzzles on a regular basis exposes you to more challenging stages, which makes you able to think critically. Your skills to tackle issues develop as you complete each degree of difficulty. Even at work, this talent improves your proficiency and allows you to be more creative.

Enhances Spatial thinking Abilities

The ability to alter 3-dimensional things in our imaginations before taking action is known as spatial thinking. In our minds, solving problems produces an image of the game. It necessitates that we examine various pieces in order to determine where they belong. The more riddles you solve, the better your spatial reasoning becomes. Better spatial skills aid in tasks such as parking and lane switching when driving.

Enhances Memory

When it comes to puzzles, you’ll need a strong short-term memory, or the capacity to recall images and patterns. As you play the game on a regular basis, your brain cells are strengthened, which enhances your memory.

Freshens Mind

Playing puzzle games can help you relax. Your sense of accomplishment grows as achieved each level. This sensation aids in the reduction of anxiety, the reduction of stress, and the improvement of your mood.

Playing Strategy

·         Place the pieces of the blocks on the board. When you finish filling in a horizontal or vertical line, it will vanish, making room for new pieces.

·         If there is no place for any of the specified blocks beneath the board, the game is ended.

·         Rotation of blocks is not possible.

·         There are no time constraints.

Installing Block Puzzle Mod APK

·         If you’re using a computer to download the apk, make sure you transfer it on an Android device.

·         You must first enable third-party programs as an installation source before installing the Block Puzzle apk. To give permissions to your phone to download apps from other sources rather than the Play Store, Move to Settings and click on the Security option then select the Unknown Sources.

·         You must now locate the Block Puzzle file that you previously downloaded. You can also install an app of file manager to help you find files on your Android device if you like.


Is there a leveling system for the block puzzle?

Block puzzle is a polyomino puzzling game having more than twenty levels to enjoy, which is extremely addicting.

What is the goal of the puzzle block?

The goal of the game is to use the wooden block pieces to build vertical and/or horizontal lines on the board while avoiding obstacles. The current blocks in that row or column vanish each time you build a line.

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