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VABEL is a open-source, cross-platform, real-time strategy game engine with support for many different game styles. It currently supports StarCraft II, and more games are in development. VABEL was originally released as a custom modification of the popular game StarCraft: Brood War, but it has since grown into its own entity. The VABEL Lite v2.0.2 mod apk is a game that you can play on your phone or tablet. It’s a cool touch game where you have to collect coins and use them to buy different weapons, powerups and things like that!



It’s also a fun game where you can use your touchscreen to tap on the screen to move around and get coins.You can play this game for free and it’s really easy to get started with thanks to its simple gameplay mechanics. There are also other features in this game that make it even more enjoyable than just running around collecting coins though! For example, there are instant skills which allow you to unlock new abilities so quickly without having to wait too long between levels or rounds of gameplay (although some require more points than others).

similar levels will have different amounts

Another great feature is unlimited mana which means that once you’ve collected enough stars on one level (similar levels will have different amounts of stars needed) then all subsequent levels will be played without any limits on how many times Avabel LITE is a game where you can collect your favorite characters and fight with them. You can play in two modes: Story and Free Battle. In the story mode, you have to complete a certain number of missions and earn gold to unlock more characters. In the free battle mode, you can fight against other players or AI-controlled characters.

You can instantly get the skills

– Instant Skills – No need to train units or wait for them to level up! You can instantly get the skills you want by spending some mana on them (you can also grow your heroes over time).- Unlimited Mana – Never worry about running out of mana again! With unlimited mana, you can spam your skills and spam your units with no worries about running out of resources or spending too much time training them up! Avabel Lite v2.0.2 Mod Apk is a total overhaul of Avabel Lite, offering all the same features with an even more vibrant and polished environment. If you love what you see above, then download now!

VABEL LITE v2.0.2 MOD APK features:

This is a map range mod for the game Avabel. It allows you to see the areas within the map, while still being able to see your location on the map. It also allows you to see the area of effect of skills such as [skill name] and [skill name]. VABEL LITE is a game that allows you to make your own game. You can create a new map, add monsters and weapons, and change the world around them. You can also add new characters to your game and take control of them yourself. If you’re looking for something more complicated than just creating a new map, then VABEL is for you!


The VABEL LITE v2.0.2 MOD APK (Map Range, Instant Skills, Unlimited Mana) is a free to play mobile game that takes players on a journey through the world of Magic. Players can craft their own adventures as they explore the world and learn more about magic along the way.Arvabel Lite v2.0.2 MOD APK (Map Range, Instant Skills, Unlimited Mana) is a map-based game that can be played on your phone with some extra features:

The VABEL LITE v2.0.2 MOD APK (Map Range, Instant Skills, Unlimited Mana) features:

– A unique story line that will take you from village to the city to the wilds in this magical adventure

– Collected items like weapons and armor

– A variety of skills that can be upgraded as you level up

Arvabel Lite is a game where you have to move around in a world and collect resources.

The game has a simple control: touch the screen to move your character, and drag him or her to the place you want to go.

-The game has an infinite level option for those who want to play longer;

-You can get instant skills;

-You can increase your mana reserves.

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