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Archero Mod Apk v3.11.4 Unlimited Money and Gems

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Name Archero
ID com.habby.archero
Category RPG
Version 3.2.2
Size 200M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Archero MOD APK for Android

Archero Mod APK is an arcade action and puzzle game developed by Habby released on April 11, 2019. Currently, it can be played just on Android and iOS. Archero MOD APK Download. You can play on pc just with NoxPlayer. It is the best emulator to play Archero on PC.Archero Mod Apk v2.8.5 (Unlimited Money, God Mode) Download 2021


Fight With Monsters – The main thing in the Archero is to compete with thousands of never seen monsters. In this game, you will see a new monster after each level. These monsters have their unique powers, and you have to conquer all of them to become a hero of your domain. When you know how they attack, you will know how to move to avoid bullets, select a convenient and safe location for the attack. But before attack you must categorize the monsters because the monsters in the game have a variety of attack abilities, they can attack long-range, shooting lasers. After you clear all monsters.

the amount of currency that falls off will automatically fall into your pouch. Excellent Graphics – It is not just providing you awesome and eye-catching gameplay but graphics are also incredible. Amazing 3D graphics with vivid colors help you play games for several hours continuously without feeling bored. A great number of characters, thousands of monsters designed in a fascinating, funny chibi manner. Each stage has unique and modern surroundings, new maps for you to explore and experience a new world full of engaging things. Weapons – When you kill monsters you will get money.

You can use it to purchase skin and weapons. But you have to strengthen your character and weapons by this money. Because at the beginning you can shoot just one arrow, while after upgrading you can shoot 7 arrows. The skill system of the game is extremely impressive. There are a variety of different skills with a variety of effects. Choose a skill that suits your character and weapon. Win Gems – Gems are key for upgrading.

Not just for upgrading but you can consume it to unlocked all of your tactics. But it’s also very difficult to earn gems because you have to complete mission, and these missions get tougher as you move forward. However, you win a lot of gems which you can spend whenever you need it. You can also use these gems to increase your energy.

Archero Mod Apk v2.8.5 (Unlimited Money, God Mode) Download 2021

How to install Archero Game

Browse the Archero MOD APK. Get your file by clicking the ‘Start Download’ option. Your game will start the download in a few seconds. After this go to “File Manager” and open your downloaded file. If you are installing an application for the very first time, then you will allow “install from other sources” After this permission opens your game. This time it will be installed without any issue.

Download Archero Game Latest Version


Which are the Best armor and best weapon in Archero MOD APK?

1. Armor; Vest of Dexterity -7% dodge makes it the clear best choice. Golden Chestplate -5% damage resistance. Phantom Cloak -10% damage reduction. Void Robe -10% damage reduction.

2. Best Weapon; Scythe is the fairest weapon in Archer, keeping every point in mind the Scythe is the best one. It is the slowest weapon, but it results in the highest destruction after you level it up.

Is Brightspear good Archero?

Brightpearl was added in December 2019 to the game, the Brightspear is establishing itself apart as the most strong weapon in the game. Brightpearl has a near-instant projectile(it’s more of a laser really) characteristic and so, almost never misses. It has a slow attack speed but receives a 20% damage buff on-hit.

What does the Holy effect do Archero?

Holy Touch Whenever you hit an enemy, two small projectiles shoot out horizontally from the opponent that will deal with destruction to other opponents.

Can you blend legendary in Archero?

If you want to fuse equipment you need to blend 2 pieces of the same equipment kind and rarity into a third piece. The level of the fused or fusing equipment does not impact fusing.

How many stages are in Archero?

There are 50 stages in Arhero. if you have cleared all the 50 stages, you will be able to unlock and be able to jump on a more challenging adventure in the next area.


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