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Another Eden v2.14.100 MOD APK (Mega Menu) is a hot and interesting game with different mechanics, dynamic content and developer work hard to add more freedom in the gameplay. In addition, there are lots of new features that try to make it more immersive and exciting.This is MOD APK that is compatible with all Android devices. This is an amazing app for android users, If you love the MOD version of EDEN, then this edition provides you with more of a knowledge and understanding than you think possible.Another Eden is an upcoming on-demand app, which is described as the next-gen version of Eden.Another Eden is a survival adventure about exploration and survival.


Explore a vast and mysterious world. Hunt for resources to make your way through the wilderness, survive dangers like flash floods, fire and predators to find your own paradise in an unknown world.Another Eden is a game in a genre of mobile games, which is developed by Infinite Dreams. It was released in March 22, 2017. Another Eden offers an interesting and exciting gameplay experience to its players. The player can play unlimited number of cards using their coins and purchase new cards using the earned coins. They will earn some coins every day when they login to their account.

play-for-free style allows them to unlock four classes

Eternity’s play-for-free style allows them to unlock four classes: Necromancer, Cleric, Warrior, or Paladin. Each class has a unique unique set of skills that they can use as they progress through the game.Another Eden is an arcade-style survival game, that’s part horror and part RPG. The main goal is to survive. You will face ever increasing deadly creatures and fight them by collecting the necessary items, in order to upgrade your weapons and equipment – your only hope to survive. Collect coins to buy new achievements!Another Eden is the new v2.14.100 MOD APK apk mod by Fingar! Join us in this journey and collect unique visual content!Another Eden is a game that combines the series of role-playing games with a new combat system. You do not have to reload forever, and you can see your stats after every battle.

combat system has been so improved

The combat system has been so improved that it was no longer a problem just as in previous versions of the game!Mega Menu is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to add a horizontal menu bar across the top of your screen, which works well with larger phones and tablets.Another Eden is a world building and city builder game. Build your own paradise and lead you followers to build their paradise in the same land. Customize your homes and buildings to make them unique. Grow crops and harvest resources as well as plan long-term strategy with maps and tools to overcome obstacles.

puzzle game with over 50 levels

Another Eden is a great puzzle game with over 50 levels. Use your skill, logic and luck to find the way out and complete each level!Another Eden is a beautiful, big-scale fantasy RPG. Build your own village from a single dirt mound! Next, add farms, shops and other buildings to give your villagers basic needs. Then get them some jobs so that they can work for you in the various fields.

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